Dear Friend,

The Apostle Peter reminds us in the verses above of our living hope is made possible through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Scripture tells us the apostles were filled with great grace as they testified the truth of the resurrection. In Acts 3:15, Peter is an example of courageously exclaiming the truth in the face of persecution when he told his countrymen, “You killed the author of life.” Peter’s truth-telling was not motivated by anger, nor was it meant to condemn – – truth was offered as hope– – a living hope.


As we enter the Easter season and focus on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we be as courageous as those apostles and first-century believers in our advocacy of God‘s truth. May we be compelled by His love and inspired by the same living hope that we may present the Prince and Author of Life’s truth as a lifeline and not a whip.


There is no shortage of opportunities to advocate for God‘s truth as activities increase in Augusta and Washington D.C. The assaults upon the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, and parental rights are on every hand. Rather than list every bill we are currently supporting or opposing, I strongly encourage you to regularly check our Upcoming Legislation page by going to, clicking on Home, then Upcoming Legislation. There you will see the bills with summaries, their committee assignments, and their status such as public hearing schedules. This page will also instruct you on how to write a testimony and how to present testimony online.


If you are not already receiving our Thursday morning email blasts and Action Alerts, click here to sign up. In order to be an effective advocate, you need to be an informed advocate.


As important as it is to utilize our email Action Alerts, we have found hand-written notes and phone calls even more impactful upon state leaders. Please prayerfully consider committing to these additional efforts during this legislative session. If you’d like to discuss personally contacting your legislators, please reach out to our policy director, Mike McClellan, at or 329-6148. Mike would love to help you with contact information and talking points.


It takes a tremendous amount of resources to fully and effectively directly lobby and encourage grassroots lobbying each legislative session. We estimate our advocacy expenses for 2021 will be around $40,000. Our Beacon Campaign raises the funds necessary for us to execute social media campaigns, emailing, expert witness expenses, and other lobbying costs. We thank God we have a $20,000 matching grant to help us reach our goal of $40,000. Every dollar you give will double your gift’s impact. Please make a designated donation to the Beacon Campaign on your enclosed coupon or click here.

The League is looking to staff our Church Ambassador Network director’s position. This is an exciting opportunity to join our team and create opportunities for Maine‘s pastors to develop meaningful relationships with state leaders through prayer and a godly presence at the capitol.  If you are interested, you can see the job description and apply online at  Click on the “position available” icon at the top left.


From the Christian League staff and board of directors, let me wish you and your family a blessed Easter as we celebrate our Savior’s resurrection: He is risen!