By supporting Pews to the Polls, you are helping us to

  • develop and distribute informative and accurate voter guides for critical elections
  • develop and execute get-out the vote strategies
  • promote and support candidates who will defend life and religious freedom

Most of our Pews to the Polls efforts are 501c3 so donations can be made to the CEL and are tax deductible.  If you would prefer a tax deduction click here for the CEL Pews to the Polls donation form.

By supporting our Church Outreach, you’re helping us to:

  • train local churches to host faith-based job fairs for recovering addicts and felons
  • promote faith-based alternatives to foster care like Safe Families
  • organize and inspire pastors to invest in the lives our state’s leaders through prayer and capital visits.

By supporting our General Giving, you’re allowing us to use the money where we need it the most.

General giving is to the Christian Civic League, which is not tax deductible If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation instead, you can give to Christian Education League in support of education and training.