Giving Options

By supporting our General Giving, you’re allowing us to use the money where we need it the most.

General giving is to the Christian Civic League, which is not tax-deductible If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation instead, you can give to the Christian Education League in support of education and training.

By supporting our Church Ambassador Network, you’re helping us to:

  • Organize and inspire pastors to invest in the lives of our state’s leaders through prayer and capital visits.
  • Proclaim God’s timeless truths into the public square in a unified voice

By donating to our Pews to the Polls, you are providing the resources to:

  • Provide reliable voting guides for national and state races to churches and individuals
  • Identify pro-life citizens with irregular voting habits and inspire them to vote
  • Provide reliable voter guides for national and state races to churches and individuals
  • Establish a robust social media presence to motivate the faith community to vote

By donating to our Beacon Campaign you are providing the resources to:

  • Educate concerned citizens by creating informative and persuasive content on standard media and social media platforms
  • Identify and alert like-minded Mainers about opportunities to leverage their voices for or against legislation affecting life, religious freedom, and Biblical morality
  • Support our legislative allies with research for national and state bills
  • At the end of each year, the League reaches out to our supporters, asking them to consider making a donation to help us plan for the upcoming year. In order for us to responsibly prepare the next year’s budget, we need to know what financial resources will be available to us. While many individuals and companies take advantage of the tax deductions through gifts to our 501c3 (the Christian Education League), donations to our 501c4 (the Christian Civic League) are also very helpful.