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Good morning!

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Please pray for me today as I spend some time meeting my townspeople at an informal meet and greet this morning. Thank you.

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Hoping the past two messages are clear as to the importance of the Church standing up, of voting on November 8. In Maine, there have been the underpinnings of what could lead to a "California like" bill as Government decides they know better how to raise your child.. The Maine Legislature made significant changes to laws in the past few years removing age old words (with meaning) such as He/She. Could this come here? You vote will matter on November 8. ... See MoreSee Less

Family Policy Alliance Statement on California's efforts to get your children #CaliKidnappers law:

just signed #SB107 into law, which allows CA to take custody of children from around the nation in order to perform gender "transition" procedures on them, even against their parents' wills.

Our statement on the #CaliKidnappers law below

Family Policy Alliance
"Governor Newsom hasn’t even run for President yet, but last night he signed his own coronation papers in a raft of over 160 bills he took action on.

"In signing #SB107 he awarded himself custody of every child struggling w/ gender dysphoria, elected himself gov. of every state to thwart their own laws that might protect children from harmful & sterilizing gender “transitions,” & dared the entire nation to do anything about it

"Congress must seriously consider this attempt to thwart the good – and sovereign – work of lawmakers in other states to protect children from irreversible harm. And Americans across the country must make one thing clear: California has no authority over our kids.” -
Craig DeRoche

We are grateful for the work of our state ally
in opposing #SB107 and join in their call on Americans around the nation to take a stand. #CaliKidnappers

Thank you to the tireless work of
to alert the nation about #SB107--an unprecedented attack on parents, children & the authority of the other 49 states.
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He is a sick man, praying against this evil!

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As we wake up in Maine this morning, know your children are at risk from the majority party. Last night in California, #SB107 was signed by their Governor. This law allows California's Majority Party to seize your child if within California's borders to do things with them without parental consent. Your child just needs to get to California. The parties have drawn lines and it seems to be clear what you get when you vote for a party.

This is an overreach but the Majority party has been overreaching for 2 years. Election Day is November 8, the Church needs to stand up. This happened in California, but when was the last time these things happened and they were satisfied, stopped advancing?

See our friends in California's response:

just signed #SB107.
The following statement may be attributed to CFC President
@JonathanKeller :

“SB 107 endangers every young person in the nation who experiences gender dysphoria. By signing this extreme bill, Gavin Newsom is telling all parents across the country that he knows what’s best for their #SB107en.”

#SB107 @JonathanKeller@GavinNewsom@CAgovernor

“Mothers and fathers in every state should demand their elected representatives push back against this unconstitutional assault on parental rights. Governors and legislators must defend their citizens against this out-of-control gov#SB107t in Sacramento.”
#SB107 @JonathanKeller
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Good morning!
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