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Greg Baker, Vice President of Church Engagement at The Family Leader in IOWA
Greg grew up in Earlham, Iowa, and is a 2009 graduate of the University of Iowa. His inspiration to make a difference in government began in his high school years. His passion stemmed from the strategy necessary to pass legislation and to win elections. But Greg’s pursuits in government were transformed               READ MORE

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discussing the Church Ambassador Network


Gateways to Better Education is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to help public school educators, parents and school leaders teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world. We show them how to do this legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries, current laws, and state academic standards.
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What is Safe Families

Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by compassion to keep children safe and families intact. Through Host Families, Family Friends, and Family Coaches, we temporarily host children and provide a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet.

What is BetterWork?

Unleashing people’s potential through employment and opportunity

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