Disregard for Women’s Safety and Privacy


Once again, God’s beautiful design regarding human sexuality is coming under attack. While we have appropriately been focused on the very harmful Equality Act which is scheduled for a US Senate committee hearing on St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday 3/17), there are a number of bills here in Maine that require our attention and advocacy. A battle is raging in our culture attempting to erase/ignore the differences between males and females. These efforts, in the name of fairness and justice, invade women and children’s privacy, imperil vulnerable citizen’s safety, erode decades of women’s progress in athletics, and “cancel” anyone who does not bow down to this new sexual orthodoxy. Here are a few of the bills either promoting the faulty concept that “gender is fluid” and bills that defend God’s design and those citizens and institutions who will not conform to this attempt to redefine gender and sex:

LD 1044 mandates that prisoners be housed purely by self-identification of gender. In other words, a man identifying as a woman would be jailed with biological females.

LD 344 is the resurrection of the Equal Rights Amendment which would put individuals and institutions in danger of being sued for discrimination in matters of gender expression, sexual orientation, and critical matters concerning abortion.

LD 926 and LR 1367 are two bills attempting to protect the rights of biological women and girls from being forced to compete with men in athletics.

LR 1651 would allow privately operated women’s shelters to provide housing and services based upon the biological sex of its clients.

LR 1550 would allow faith-based entities (camps, schools, churches, etc.) to be exempt from discrimination laws regarding gender expression and sexual orientation. For example, Christian camps and women’s shelters could house accruing to biological sex and still qualify for state funding such as nutritional assistance programs and case management.

These are just a small sample of the LR’s and LD’s we are following. Be sure to regularly check out our Upcoming Legislation page to stay informed. Click here to receive our Action Alerts which will let you know when it is time for you to reach out to your legislators about bills that matter to you.

Senate District 14 Special Election Result


Thanks to all of you who volunteered for Senate District 14’s special election. Unfortunately, pro-life candidate Will Guerrette was defeated on Tuesday night. The election results indicate we have a lot of work to do in order to get more candidates who will defend life, religious freedom, and parental rights elected in 2022. Please pray for the Christian Civic League and our Legislative Committee as we are preparing and planning for candidate recruitment and training programs here in Maine. We hope to make an announcement soon about this effort.

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