Tell Twitter to Lift Focus Ban

Focus on the Family’s Twitter account, The Daily Citizen, was recently banned simply for stating biological facts. Dr. Jim Daly was writing about President Biden’s nominee for Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, who is a transgendered female. In Dr. Daly’s tweet, he explained that a transgendered female is “a man who believes he is a woman.” Twitter deemed this undeniable declaration truth as hateful and censored the tweet and eventually banned The Daily Citizen from the social media platform.

The recent censoring taking place by big tech and corporate America is a real threat to free speech. The inconsistencies and hypocrisy manifested by these policies of “community standards” reveals a bias and intolerance for opposing views that should gravely concern liberals and conservatives alike.

Click here to sign the League’s letter to Twitter officials demanding they reinstate The Daily Citizen’s account. I want these decision makers to know that Mainers stand for the right of free expression and that this dangerous censorship is unacceptable. Please be sure to share our petition as well as signing.

Are You Informed?

Maine’s legislature is in session, and we need to be paying attention to what is going on in Augusta. Mike McClellan and Chris Mishou, our policy director and executive administrator, are doing a great job building our legislative page on the League’s website.  On this page you will be able to track bills regarding abortion, vaccinations, marijuana, transgender, parental rights, and other topics that matter to you. This page also explains how to give testimony on bills, how a bill becomes a law, how to find your legislator, and much more information about the legislative process. Click here to go to our legislative page, which can also be found by going to , click on the Home button, and then Upcoming Legislation.

Even though we are facing restrictions due to the pandemic, we are still willing to serve your ministry by speaking in person or recording services for you. If you are interested in the League helping out with your pulpit needs, contact Carroll at