Voter Guides

Our printed voter guides just came off the press, and we began distribution across the state last Saturday. A great big THANK YOU to the Church of God denomination for once again allowing us to utilize their annual meeting to get the voter guides all throughout the state. Our printed voter guides feature the Presidential, U.S. Senate, and Congressional races. They also direct people to our web-based voter guides that in addition to those federal races include all 186 State Senate and State House races.

Click here to order printed voter guides for yourself or your church. We have distribution sites organized all over the state so the voter guides can easily be picked up or delivered to you. Click here to find the distribution site in your area.  Remember, all our voter guides on our website can be downloaded and printed.


We have now posted on our website the state and federal candidates that the CCL is endorsing. While the CEL voter guides are 501c3, non-partisan, documents, the Christian Civic League is a 501c4 and can endorse candidates. Click here to see our first endorsement lists. As more information becomes available, we reserve the right to add or withdraw endorsements.

Pews to the Polls and Volunteers

Many of you have donated to the Pews to the Polls campaign which funds our voter guides, get-out-the-vote efforts, and campaigns for endorsed candidates. Today, we are only 25% toward our goal of $100,000. Thus far, this Pews to the Polls campaign has not seen major gifts come in as in the past. In order for us to be a positive influence in this critical election, two things must happen:

1) more funds through a combination of small and large gives must arrive in time for us to execute our get-out-the-vote direct mailing, calling, and texting strategies

2) more people need to sign up to volunteer.

We especially could use drivers to deliver voter guides and more people willing to make phone calls reminding citizens to make sure they vote. Please pray the Lord will provide the necessary funds and volunteers.

Click here to donate to Pews to the Polls

Click here to volunteer

The CCL Website and Facebook

Our website is replete with resources that will inform you about those running for office in our country and in our state.  Go to and click on the Candidate Endorsement List or our Voter Resource page to see past voting records of candidates, video interviews,  and much more.

Please like us and follow us on Facebook. We need you to actively promote our posts (like and share). This is especially true if you have a candidate where you live that we have endorsed. Liking and sharing our voter guides and endorsements is one of the most effective ways you can make a difference.

Voter Guides

Click here to order your printed CEL Voter Guides


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Oct 4th:Carroll Conley
South Levant Baptist Church
784 Horseback Rd., Levant
SS 9 am Church 10:15 am

Oct 4th:Carroll Conley
Kennebec Valley Baptist Church
91 Marston Rd., Waterville
6 pm

Oct 11th:Carroll Conley
Windham Assembly of God
1051 Roosevelt Trail, Windham
5 pm

Oct 18th:Carroll Conley
Garland Community Baptist Church
24 Oliver Hill Rd., Garland
10 am

Oct 27th:Carroll Conley
Central Maine Men’s Fellowship
First Baptist Church
10 Elm St., Harland, ME

Nov 1st:Carroll Conley
East Dixfield United Baptist Church
Church Rd., Wilton
9:30 am

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