The Maine Christian Civic League provides invaluable stewardship in protecting the religious liberties of all Maine citizens. The organization’s thorough knowledge of the most important and complex issues of our time provides a tremendous resource for legislators in helping them guide their decisions. The Christian Civic League’s presence at the State House is a benefit to all Mainers.

Senate President Michael Thibodeau — District #11


Through the tireless work and leadership of Carroll Conley and Michael McClellan, the Christian Civic League of Maine remains the most influential advocate for Christian values in the state. During this past legislative session, Carroll and Mike were a valuable resource for the House Republican caucus and an integral part of stopping LD 912, a poorly crafted bill seeking to ban conversion therapy in Maine. Through the continued leadership of Carroll Conley, the influence of the CCL on public policy in Maine will surely continue to grow. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Representative Kenneth Fredette — District # 100

House Republican Leader


The Maine Christian Civic League is a consistent presence at the Maine State House, working with legislators on issues of importance. Personally, I know that I can always reach out for support and assistance on issues that matter to Maine people of faith.

Senator Eric Brakey District #20

Health and Human Services Committee Chair

US Senate Candidate


I am thankful to have had the Christian Civic League active in the halls of Augusta, vocalizing my values, long before my arrival. The League advocacy has been effective where I believe it counts most. Carroll Conley has gained the respect of legislators as a man of integrity, even amongst legislators who disagree with the conservative viewpoint.

Personally, the most influential role the League has played in my first legislative session is to recommend me for the Family Policy Foundation’s Statesman Academy. The time spent learning with legislators and mentors from around the country significantly impacted my faith, and my belief about my calling to the role I now have in the Maine Senate. The Statesman Academy was a life-changing experience.

Lisa Keim — State Senator — District #18

Judiciary Committee Chair


The work of the Christian Civic League and its dedicated team led by Carroll Conley has been a beacon for our faith-based efforts in Augusta. I see more and more members respecting the way in which the CCL representatives advocate for the principles that are so important to many of us as believers. I am proud to work with them.

Andre E. Cushing III — State Senator — District #10


The League has been at the forefront of the most important social issues affecting Mainers and especially those who possess and adhere to conservative values. The League is instrumental in providing essential information to help many of us to wage strong arguments against some extremely dangerous forms of legislation.

Representative Roger Reed — District #103

Legislative Prayer Caucus Leader


It has been very encouraging to me during my two terms as a legislator to know that the Christian Civic League of Maine is always front and center at the State House standing up for our religious freedoms. The League has worked tremendously hard to fight against funding for Planned Parenthood of Maine, fought to defeat LD 912 the Conversion Therapy bill and lead the bipartisan effort to pass an FGM (Female Genital Mutualization) bill which would not only make FGM illegal in Maine but would also give the authority to prosecute the cutter and the parents for violation of the FGM law just to name a few. It is very comforting to know that the League is always monitoring legislation that will have an effect on our religious freedom one way or the other. I look forward to continue working with the League throughout the remainder of my time in the legislature.  
Rep. Richard A. Pickett — District #116

Legislative Prayer Caucus Co-Chair


As a freshman legislator, I found the League to be an invaluable resource in the halls of the State House.  They had some of the best presence and were always available and easy to access when you needed their assistance.  Additionally, they were able to sponsor my attending of the Statesmen’s Academy in Colorado Spring, CO with other freshman legislators to strengthen our understanding of complex issues and build bonds with others who are “in the trenches” in legislatures across the nation.  These sorts of educational opportunities are so important for new legislators to be able to better understand the issues they’re voting on and provide them with systems of support that extend far beyond and long after the initial meetings.  I’m grateful to have a resource like the Christian Civic League in our State House and look forward to working with them in the future.

Representative Harold “Trey” Stewart lll — District #147


The CCL is always helpful in supplying research results, factual information, and access to national think tanks. Equally, or perhaps more importantly, they are there to offer a kind word or smile of encouragement on days in Augusta when it would be easy to grow weary in doing good work.

Representative Stacey Guerin — District #102



I think that Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Conversion Therapy bill would have passed easily if not for the research and hard to have conversations, testimony, and information that the Christian Civic League brought to these debates.  It is unfortunately very easy to title a bill in a way that makes it very difficult for people to object, and it is crucial that we have an organization that will not only ask the tough questions but even seek alternative solutions in these situations such as with the Conversion Therapy bill.  Frankly, the bill could have been more harmful to children and providers and would have been more powerful with the amendments supported by the League. With Physician-Assisted Suicide, the League made it easier for those of us with an opposition voice to have the courage to stand up when we could see that many around us were united in opposition.  By design, it is difficult to speak out on these emotional issues, feeling like you are eavesdropping on personal issues, and just like a good church, the League is there to support you and listen even when you have doubts……

Representative Paul Chace — District #46


To understand the effectiveness of CCL’s advocacy, let’s consider an expanded concept of advocacy. I think this will help frame the question. Advocacy is synonymous with support, encouragement and back-up (they’ve got our back). It also implies forging ahead and garnering buy-in and collaboration with new strategies, concepts and ideas, all to protect and nurture our God-given rights. Honestly, I think this says it all and is exactly what is needed.
Often, I am not even aware of my need or our legislative body’s needs, until I see the warm, smiling face of a CCL member. Their countenance speaks loudly. We all face daily struggles from personal, professional and political issues. Knowing my colleagues and I have allies who are advocating for us as we advocate for them is encouraging. Knowing we are not alone in the battle is reaffirmed. A word in season, some wise counsel, a light humorous quip, or a quiet prayer can carry the day.  Thank you, CCL, for advocating for me and for the state of Maine – it is a source of strength to my body, mind, and spirit.
Representative Heidi Sampson — District #21


During the short session, we had some fairly significant bills concerning social issues. L.D. 912 regarding Conversion Therapy and Female Genital Mutilation were two of them. The Christian Civic League was the supporting group that walked the walk with us on these very serious bills impacting girls/young women’s health and safety and parental rights of children in seeking appropriate counseling services for their minors. While we worked the committee conversations and debates with respect and focus, the League was in the wing gathering and sharing pertinent, current national legislation and how Maine was trending to join that wave. Their hours of support sharing necessary national facts and statistics was what grounded our Christian beliefs and our support of families. I never felt that I was alone on a very long limb fighting for fundamental rights. They were right there with us, and that was crucial because social legislation is a different kind of challenge to combat from banking, environmental, transportation and construction bills. Thanks to the League, we did our work feeling we’d been resourceful, respectful, and resolute. Thank You CCLM!

Representative Sues Austin — District #67


The Christian Civic League of Maine provides a very valuable service to the people of Maine, and to those of us in the Legislature.  They do an excellent job of keeping us abreast of not only what is happening in Maine but also throughout the entire country.  Many of the issues we face here are occurring in other places as well, and it’s illuminating to find out how they are addressed by other Legislatures.  The Civic League is also helpful in getting data and information to us that enables us to make informed, rational decisions on matters that are important to the citizens we represent.  We usually have a lot on our plates, and there is a need to obtain relevant information in a timely and fairly concise manner.  They are able to do that, and the resources that the Civic League provides has proved invaluable in helping me sort through information and documentations as I take positions and cast votes on issues that are often very controversial.  Their ability to analyze various bills and amendments that come before us, explaining what the ramifications will be with the passage of particular proposals, is also an indispensable benefit that the Civic League provides.  They are well respected, even by legislators with opposing viewpoints, which speaks very well for their reputation at the State House.  They are a tremendous asset for us in the Legislature, and for the people we represent.

Representative Dick Bradstreet — District #80


The Christian Civic League of Maine has been a great resource for me in my time as a Maine Legislator. The League is available and helpful in providing information and insight on issues important to Maine families, to Maine people who value life and individuals who cherish religious freedom. In recent years there have been challenging bills presented to us such as Conversion Therapy, Physician Assisted Suicide and Female Genital Mutilation. The Christian Civic League was out front in providing background data that helped me in my pursuit of how to deal with such complicated matters.

I appreciate the upfront support that the league staff, Carroll and Mike, provide, as well as always being available in the statehouse hallway or through various means of contact. I know that they are available, well informed and have values I also believe in. I look forward to continuing my relationship with CCL Maine when I return to Augusta next session.

Representative Brad Farrin — District #111