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Dear Friend,

Those closest to me know that I truly love Maine. I love our people, our natural beauty, and our way of life. That love for my home state makes what we are seeing happen to her break my heart.

People often ask me, “How do you do it? How do you tolerate being in Augusta and constantly stand against evil?” A transparent answer must include the confession that there are times the constant attacks against the sanctity of life, the Biblical sexual ethic, and parental rights can be overwhelming–and yes, discouraging.

One of the antidotes to discouragement is the wonderful opportunity Terri and I have to travel all over Maine and worship with the Bride of Christ. This past Palm Sunday, we attended Machias Christian Fellowship. During the song service, these lyrics hit me right between the eyes, “You see my distress.” I was reminded that God sees us in our despair. It’s absolutely appropriate for us to mourn the destruction and bondage we are witnessing, but our response must be motivated by love for our neighbors and fortified by our confidence in His sovereignty.

It is my responsibility to inform you that LD 227 is one of the worst, if not the worst pieces of legislation I’ve seen in my 14 years directing the League. Elevating abortion and transgender “medical” procedures to a legal right will wreak havoc in our state. It is also my responsibility to provoke you to act and stand up to these assaults upon the image of God. Now is the time to:

*Pray – we must go to our Father in obedience and faith, making the petition that He would intervene and protect the unborn and our minor children.

*Email – go to cclmaine.org and click on the red banner saying Take Action Against LD 227. There, you will find talking points to send a personalized email to your legislators.

*Write and Call – letters and phone calls are very effective. If you desire to help by personally contacting your leaders, email Mike McClellan (policy@cclmaine.org).

*Give – our lobbying efforts are funded by our Beacon Campaign. This year’s goal is $40,000 to fund legal research, expert witnesses, texting and social media campaigns, printing, mailing, and all other advocacy expenses. Click here to give to our Beacon Campaign.

I wish I could tell you LD 227 was our sole concern. There are egregious bills attempting to expand gambling, memorialize abortion in our state constitution, and remove regulations for marijuana and other mind-altering products. Please consider donating now. By all counts, this legislative session will end before May.

I am pleased to report that our Church Ambassador Network has yielded some very positive and meaningful meetings this session. Please pray for Pastor Jim and our visiting pastors, who will be showing up in Augusta this month.

We’ve all just celebrated the miracle of the Resurrection, reminding us that no matter how dark things may appear, nothing is too big for God. Let us continue to strive for Him and see Maine be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.