Dear Friend,

One of my favorite theologians, J.I. Packer, wrote, “Without the resurrection, the bottom drops out of Christianity.” I would agree with Packer and the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:14–without the resurrection, our advocacy for God’s truth regarding the sanctity of life, the Biblical sexual ethic, parental rights, or any other Scriptural truth would be in vain, if Christ be not raised.

Our civic engagement, our advocacy transcends politics. When we effectively promote and defend God’s revealed sense of justice and righteousness, motivated by love for our Heavenly Father and our neighbors, people will be drawn to the source of these truths. That’s when real and lasting change will take place in individual lives, our communities, and our state.

The fact that this advocacy transcends politics does not mean we do not operate in that sphere. I believe the breath and fingerprints of the bride of Christ should be evident in every nook and cranny of creation–the public policy arena is no exception.

As an organization and a ministry, we believe the best way to effectively inspire, equip, and mobilize the church is through the Community Impact Team program with our national partner, the Family Research Council.

I cannot over emphasize how important it is for pastors to view our video explaining the Community Impact Team program. To see this informative video, click here. 

We are asking pastors to provide us with names of mature Christians from their congregations they believe would be interested in leading a CIT group. We would then contact those individuals to train them so we can accomplish the following:

-help recruit other CIT participants in their church
-identify and recruit quality candidates for local and state elections
-organize support activities for candidates
-provide information to churches about legislation to be supported or opposed
-schedule and organize regional activities with other CIT groups.

I’ve been directing the League for fourteen years now, and I am gravely concerned about our state. I truly believe a significant part of the solution to the malaise we witness in Maine is God’s people responsibly and respectfully engaging our culture in their roles as dual citizens. 

If you, either as a pastor or as an individual, are interested in the Community Impact Team program, please contact our Policy Director, Michael McClellan by email ( or by phone (207–3 29–6148). 

I, along with our staff and our board, wish you all a blessed Easter. Your faithful prayers and generous support let us continue to strive for a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.



Carroll Conley
Executive Director