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Dear Friend,

Sometimes, the familiarity of a Bible story can dilute the impact of the incredible circumstances being related to us. I think the stories of Joseph and Daniel just might be such examples. I challenge you to stop and consider the tremendous influence these two men of God had upon the “government” and “politics” of their time. In a pagan culture, the Lord used these servants to deeply impact the most powerful rulers in the world.

Joseph’s and Daniel’s examples are what our Church Ambassador Network [CAN] is all about. Our mission is to inspire the church to engage government for the advancement of God’s kingdom. This is accomplished by connecting the shepherds of God’s church (pastors) to God’s shepherds of government (the “king” or today’s elected officials).

I’ve said before that God is not limited to two- and four-year election cycles. That doesn’t mean the League will ever abandon critical activities like recruiting and training candidates, attempting to elect defenders of our values, inspiring and informing citizens, and advocating for God’s truth with elected officials. We must, and we will endeavor to occupy these spaces–HOWEVER–[CAN] is the long-term strategy for victory in Maine.

There are similarities and overlaps when comparing the “political” activities of the League and CAN, but I want to briefly share our six core values:

Non-Partisan: Christ’s kingdom is eternal. As God’s shepherds, we must be independent voices with allegiance to no political party.
Christ-Centered: It is Jesus who will redeem, reconcile, and restore. Government officials need to see Christ accurately. That is why we are committed to sharing the Word in our interactions.
Grace-Driven: Grace is rare in politics these days. We aim to be motivated by grace and to joyfully give grace way.
Relationally-Built: We move at the speed of relationships. Joseph and Daniel didn’t walk off the street and start wielding influence: their lives of integrity allowed for the building of trust, which made them reliable and valued counselors.
Partnership-Minded: The heart of CAN is building partnerships between churches, and between church and government to serve people and bring Christ glory. Immediate areas of partnership include substance abuse / addiction and foster care / adoption.
Prayer-Focused: Our mission is dependent upon prayer. We pray that God would move in the hearts of kings, bring revival to His Church, and reignite its flame for the gospel and the Great Commission.

CAN is so much more than a chaplaincy. Our goal is to change the culture of the capital through the influence of godly pastors investing in the lives of our leaders. Would you consider financially supporting CAN and help us experience the full potential of this program in Maine?

For more information about CAN, click the CAN tab at the top of our homepage (cclmaine.org). We are currently developing CAN booklets for pastors to use when interacting with legislators. Once you go to the CAN page, click on Pastor’s Resources to see these new documents.

Prayer requests: Wisdom and guidance for an effective strategy to recruit, train, and elect good candidates for municipal offices and school boards; God will enable the League to be an agent of unity for our allies of life, religious freedom, and parental rights; more pastors to step up and participate in CAN; and God’s leading and provision for expanding the League team.