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Dear Friend,

My staff and I make a concerted effort to personally contact our ministry partners and thank them for their faithful and generous support of the League, but occasionally, I am inspired to utilize our monthly newsletter to focus on those of you who make it possible for us to execute our mission.

This summer, two long-time, faithful League supporters went to be with our Lord. One gentleman was a nationally known philanthropist whose stewardship of God’s material blessings funded many vital Christian ministries over the years. The other gentleman regularly mailed three one-dollar bills along with photocopies of pertinent news articles making sure we knew what was going on. These two men represent the spectrum of our donors: those who give out of need and those who give out of abundance. As trite as it sounds, we are grateful for every partner, irrespective of the number of zeros in each gift. We know, in God’s economy, faithfulness and obedience are what counts.

I have learned a lot about humility, fulfilling my role as the Executive Director of the Christian Civic League. It is truly humbling when I think about folks with fixed incomes or the people God is using to sustain other great causes having the confidence in us to co-labor and invest in our efforts to positively impact Maine.

It takes all of us playing whatever part to which God has called us: we are thankful for all of you.

In addition to lessons in humility, I have also had my faith stretched and increased. I have often confessed my struggles with worrying and fretting about finances, but again and again, God comes through and meets our needs. The fact is–He accomplishes this through you, our individual and church partners.

Of course, the other critical way our ministry partners support us is through prayer. Please be praying about these items as we head into the fall:
*Church Ambassador Network — to grow and develop so God’s shepherds of the Church can positively influence and partner with the ordained ministers of government
*Age Verification for Porn Apps A legislative effort to thwart the pornography industry’s pollution of our children’s minds. The potential sponsor for this bill is Rep. Lois Reckitt, with whom we disagree on many issues, but she knows the harm pornography can cause in our society.
*FPA School Committee Academy  —  Equipping school committee members and candidates to effectively defend parents’ rights and protect our children. For information regarding the online School Committee Academy, contact Mike McClellan at policy@cclmaine.org before 9/12.
*Campaign 2024 — Our combined efforts with our allies recruiting, training, and supporting candidates and activists committed to defending life, parental rights, and religious freedom.

One of the best ways to stay informed regarding the work of the League is by receiving our weekly email blast. We are moving our email delivery to Friday mornings. Our emails typically consist of a message from one of our policy team members, my podcast: Faith Matters in Maine, relevant news articles, and our speaking engagements.

Once again, thanks to all of you who partner with us and share a vision of a state and a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.