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Dear Friend,

Last month, I told you that despite the great disappointment of coming so close to defeating the horrible abortion-on-demand bill [LD 1619], I was greatly encouraged that the Church of Christ appeared to be truly stirred to advocate for life and other Biblical truths at a level I have never witnessed. Now the question most asked is, “Where do we go from here?”

First, do not mistake my encouragement for naïveté. Whatever steps we take or plans we make, hard work, commitment, and perseverance will be required.

Immediate: I believe the most effective and efficient investment of our resources is focusing on the 2024 elections. Our policy/campaign team has already begun researching for our voter guides and analyzing on which house and senate districts to strategically focus. This effort will also include intense recruitment and training of candidates, as well as like-minded activists to support champions of life, religious freedom, and parental rights. In addition, we will be working together with philosophically aligned allies to avoid redundancies and inefficiencies. Be watching for our launch of these efforts after Labor Day.

Long-term: We must, and we will continue to advocate on the legislative and campaign fronts of these battles. We are obligated and motivated to occupy that space; however, the long game is our Church Ambassador Network [CAN]. If we are going to sustain meaningful change in our government, I believe it will be due to pastors investing in the lives of our leaders and seeking partnerships that benefit the people of Maine both temporally and eternally.

I was in Iowa two weeks ago with Pastor Jim Przytulski to attend the national [CAN] training. I am more convinced than ever that pastors speaking God’s word into the lives of our leaders beyond partisanship and following the examples of Joseph and Daniel is one of the most significant investments the League can make. If you want to learn more about [CAN], call me (659–6447) or email me (carroll.conley@gmail.com).

Last week, I was in Florida to attend the Family Policy Alliance’s annual meeting and the Statesmen Academy. What a blessing to gather with the other forty state directors of family policy councils! Maine was well-represented at the Statesmen Academy by State Representatives Benjamin Hymes and Reagan Paul. Your support of the League makes training and educational opportunities like the Statesman Academy available for Christian leaders like Representatives Hymes and Paul. 

Speaking of Maine’s legislators, each year we ask them to submit comments after the session to express the League’s effectiveness in our efforts to support our allies. I hope you find the enclosed document with their words an encouragement because it is you, our ministry partners, who make our work with them possible.

Summer can be a financially challenging time for ministries. I thank you in advance for your faithful support of the League as we strive to see Maine become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.