Dear Friends,

Since Galatians 6:9 tells us not to grow weary in well doing, we must be aware of the possibility of fatigue in doing good things. While our opponents may not be familiar with or even care about Galatians 6:9, I believe they are counting on those of us who have been called to advocate for God‘s truth regarding the sanctity of human life, the Biblical sexual ethic, parental rights, and religious freedom to succumb to the tsunami of destructive legislation flooding Augusta. We cannot let that happen: I do not believe that will happen.

Why am I optimistic? Look what happened at the historic public hearing on May 1 for LD 1619 (Gov. Mills’ abortion-on-demand bill). Over 1900 pro-life Mainers showed up to sing, pray, and testify for the sanctity of life to the glory of God. The pictures in the heading of this letter show a capitol that was converted to a cathedral.
Twenty-four days later, hundreds of pro-lifers showed up again with just three or four days’ notice to let the full Legislature know we want to see LD 1619 killed. During that second rally, I told a long-time local pastor that, even though I have never witnessed such an onslaught of horrible legislation, the good news is, I have never seen pastors and God’s people more engaged.

I thank God for the opportunity to partner with and support Speak Up for Life to defeat LD 1619. I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to go to and sign up for updates and other critical resources. Our opponents are delaying and stringing out this fight. Please stay engaged to the end of this battle for life.

Our policy team, Mike McClellan and Nick Adolphsen, continue to do stellar work supporting our allies in the legislature. We are not only up against the abortion industry but also opposing the transgender ideology, which is condemning our young people to bondage and ignoring parental rights. Do not forget our long-standing battle to resist the expansion of gambling in our state.
Here is what representative David Haggan, a reliable ally on the Judiciary Committee, had to say about our policy team:

The Christian Civic League has been the greatest resource for me in my four terms in the Maine Legislature. The Christian Civil League team is at the Capitol every day, providing much-needed information on critical bills for me on the Judiciary Committee and assisting all legislators on issues that affect citizens of faith each day. I thank the Lord every day for their faith, effort, and help!

This war is not against flesh and blood. While we occupy the temporal fields of advocacy, we cannot ignore our spiritual weapons and strategies. On May 4, we witnessed one of our most effective National Day of Prayer gatherings in the capitol. Pastor Jim Pryztalski and I continue to encourage pastors to come to Augusta and cultivate relationships with our leaders, regardless of party affiliation, through our Church Ambassadors Network.

Your prayers and financial partnership are making a difference. Please help us reach our goal of $25,000 for the Beacon Campaign and continue to support our general giving so we can positively impact our state for generations to come.