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Dear Friends,

As I sat down to prepare this letter, I received notification that Gov. Mills’ abortion bill [LD1619] is heading to the Judiciary Committee for its public hearing. That means GAME ON! All our proclamations and preparations will be tested in May to determine how effective pro-life Mainers will be as we resist this extreme expansion of abortion.

If you have not already signed up with our partners in this battle, the Speak Up for Life team, I urge you to go to speakupforlife.com to receive updates and get educated on what you can do as a volunteer advocate for life. After this public hearing, our legislators must hear from citizens who will speak up for the unborn.

As critical as it is to proclaim and prepare, I remind you this is a spiritual battle. We must beg the Lord of Life to anoint our efforts, guide our actions, purify our motives, and deliver us from this horrible legislation.

Thursday, May 4, is the National Day of Prayer. I know we can pray from home, and not everyone can travel that day, but I am requesting Christians to come to Augusta and pray with us at the capitol. We had a tremendous turnout for Hands at the Capitol in April. I am hoping Christians will make it a priority to meet us at noon in the Hall of Flags to ask God to heal our land.

I thank God for our policy team. Mike McClellan and Nick Adolphsen are invaluable resources to the Life Coalition and effective partners of Speak Up for Life. Without apology, I ask you to donate to our Beacon Campaign to make sure Mike, Nick, and our allies have the resources necessary for this fight.

Unfortunately, LD 1619 is not the only front in this battle. Please take advantage of the wonderful resource of on our website, cclmaine.org, to be informed and equipped. Here are some of the ways to utilize cclmaine.org:

Click Take Action tab to email your legislators regarding bills, involving life, religious freedom, parental rights, and Biblical values.
Click Home tab and scroll to Legislation and Bills to see the many bills we are tracking and obtain talking points, bill texts, and status.
Sign up for our Thursday morning email blast.
Click on Life Resources on our homepage for professionally developed legislative one-pagers.
Click Home, Legislation and Bills and Be a Rapid Responders to receive Mike McClellan’s in-depth legislative updates.
Click CAN tab to learn about our Church Ambassador Network and our commitment to encouraging pastors to develop relationships with state leaders.
click the Beacon Campaign banner to help us reach our goal of $50,000. Right now, every dollar you give will be matched.

I write these monthly letters with the burden of “saying the right thing.” In the face of these unprecedented threats to life and our freedoms, I can’t think of how to say this more plainly or effectively: We covet your prayers and need your financial support.