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Dear Friend,

The year is 1897. A Mainer could walk into any grocery store and buy a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs for less than fifty cents. The state’s population was just over 600,000 and President Grover Cleveland was wrapping up his second term. 1897 – that is when it all began for the Christian Civic League. For 125 years, the League has been advocating for Biblical truth, making us the granddaddy of all the family policy councils that have since joined the fight to declare God’s truth in the public square.

The Christian Education League did not come along until 1958. Ministry partners who support projects like our voter guides and the Church Ambassador Network [CAN] receive tax deductions for their donations because the CEL is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Speaking of CAN, I cannot think of a more relevant investment for the League. With the Supreme Court passing abortion rights back to the states, we witnessed in our last election cycle just how much work we must accomplish to advocate for a culture of life here in a state like Maine. CAN is our long game. What could be more effective to impact our government than having pastors regularly present in our capital praying and developing relationships with our leaders?

CAN strategically and purposely seeks to create opportunities for pastors to be a positive influence in the lives of leaders through prayer, scripture, and seeking partnerships with our government for the church to be a blessing to the people of Maine.

Of course, our policy team will continue to effectively defend life, religious freedom, parental rights, and Biblical values in Augusta and Washington, DC. Now, more than ever, a faithful and clear voice for God‘s truth is needed in our government. The League will be there to:

  • encourage and support pro-life, pro-family legislators
  • work with our state and national allies
  • inform you when to effectively leverage your voice for truth

Since 2022 marks the League’s 125th anniversary, I have been praying about a goal of $125,000 for our end-of-year campaign. Each year, with God’s help, we are able to raise $100,000 to prepare for the next year. I know we just ended a remarkably successful Pews to the Polls campaign which saw over $150,000 raised for our election activities. While we thank God and our supporters for this great accomplishment, I want to remind you our end-of-year campaign is tax deductible, and the major source of revenue for CAN and other CEL projects. So please join me in praying that we will raise $1,000 for each year the League has been advocating for God’s truth in Maine’s public square: $125,000 for 125 years!

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness, and on behalf of our Board of Directors and our staff, let me wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!