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Dear Friend,

I’m writing this letter days ahead of November 8. Sitting here, I do not know if Americans and Mainers will say no to the culture of death and the destructive lies of the LGBTQ ideology promoted by progressives. I do know this: The League made an historic investment to inform voters which candidates are allies or opponents of our values. I pray that God will bless our efforts to inform and motivate pro-life Mainers to not only vote for our allies, but to influence their family, friends, and coworkers to do the same.

Right now, we are just a few thousand dollars short of reaching our goal and triggering the double match that has been so generously offered. I have every confidence that our supporters will respond to this letter and make sure we have the resources in the days leading up to the election to finish the job. Please go to cclmaine.org, click on the Pews to the Polls banner, and get us across the finish line.

Our volunteers have done a tremendous job of getting our printed voter guides distributed throughout the state. If you haven’t already done so, go to mainevoterguides.com to order or view voter guides for the gubernatorial, congressional, State Senate, and State House races.

There may still be opportunities to volunteer in the final days of our campaign, in areas such as texting and phone calls. If you are interested, email Mike McClellan at policy@cclmaine.org or call him at 329-6148.

While we are appropriately focusing on campaigns, we continue to promote and develop our Church Ambassador Network [CAN]. God is not confined to two-year election cycles, and we believe encouraging pastors to be involved in the lives of our leaders is one of the highest priorities of the League. Please pray that the Lord will bless our efforts with CAN.

Finally, one cannot compose a November newsletter without noting the great American holiday, Thanksgiving. How amazingly blessed we are to be living in a country known worldwide for freedom and prosperity. As we offer thanks to God for these blessings, we must also accept the responsibilities of stewardship. I urge all of us to be motivated by thankfulness to God and love for our neighbors to be effective advocates for God‘s truth, before, during, and after Election Day.

Please prayerfully consider the role that Christian Civic League can play in being a resource to believers here in Maine, and financially support us as we continue to ask the Lord that our state would be a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


Download or order your guides here!