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Dear Friend,

Twelve years ago, July 2010, I sat down to write my first appeal letter as the new executive director of the Christian Civic League. I must admit, I did not imagine at that time that twelve years later, I would be penning a letter celebrating the overturning of the worst Supreme Court decision of our lifetime –Roe v. Wade. In addition to the many local and national media appearances after the decision, I experienced the blessing of conversations with pro-life supporters and warriors ecstatic about this long overdue correction. It was particularly moving to speak with folks in their 80’s, who didn’t think they would see this victory in their lifetimes. Praise God, and thanks to all of you who never stopped praying and fighting for the unborn and the women destroyed by this scourge of abortion. 

While we rejoice in this decision, we know there is much work to be done in Maine where the abortion industry is so entrenched. Roe v. Wade’s reversal once again demonstrates elections have consequences. Will pro-life Mainers now set their hands lifted in rejoicing to the work necessary to elect officials who will honor the sanctity of life? Will you financially support pro-life candidates? Will you give up Saturdays and weeknights this summer and fall to volunteer in a campaign? Will you have conversations with your neighbors and coworkers about what is at stake in this year’s elections? 

I am praying that prolife Mainers will be stewards of the opportunity God has given us to make a positive difference in our state and country. One such opportunity is to attend our Volunteer Training Event in Waterville on July 16. Come and be prepared to help pro-life candidates get elected. Our presenters include Zach Freeman of Imperial Independent Media, Bruce Smith (former vice president of communications for ADF), Matt Hutson (former chief of staff for Bruce Poliquin), and the CCL policy team. Click here to register for this critical activity.

We also are celebrating the Supreme Court decision in the Carson v. Makin case. The League has been involved in this case challenging Maine’s prohibition of Christian schools’ participation in state tuition programs from the very beginning. Once again, our nation’s highest court struck down progressives’ attempts to discriminate against religious entities, solely based on being religious. Pray for the League as we offer guidance to Christian schools and connect them with our national resources.

Any other July, our appeal letter would begin by recognizing the birth of our great nation and giving thanks for the exceptional freedom and prosperity we have experienced for nearly 250 years. We need to do more than simply enjoy these blessings! For them to endure, we must actively contend for them. The League is doing our part to defend freedom and Biblical values with our Pews to the Polls Campaign. We need to raise $150,000 to:  

  • develop and distribute informative voter guides
  • train effective campaign volunteers 
  • support pro-life, pro-family candidates
  • research and launch a robust get-out-the-vote strategy

As I said in our June letter, we usually raise $100,000 for Pews to the Polls, but the opportunity is too great here in Maine not to make a larger investment in our future. Please click here, and help us reach our goal.


P.S. The Supreme Court just announced another victory for religious freedom in the Coach Kennedy case while I was preparing this letter.