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Dear Friend,

At the age of fourteen, I had been appropriately instructed by my parents about human sexuality, but in that January of my eighth-grade year, mom and dad had to explain to me the horrors of abortion. In my adolescent mind, the only thing I could imagine more “wrong” was the fact that my country just made the killing of innocent babies legal. That was 1973–49 years ago: decades of prayer marches and protests, countless pro-life campaigns and legislation, over sixty million infants exterminated and countless women’s lives marred.

Now in January 2022, for the first time in over 30 years, there is a realistic expectation that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. We almost do not dare speak of it because we have existed in this culture of death so long we have become cynical and discouraged, but we must do more than speak of it. If, in fact, the Supreme Court’s worst decision ever is overturned and thrown back to the states, the League must be prepared and resourced to:

  • stem the tide of pro-abortion legislation in Augusta this session
  • recruit and train pro-life candidates for the 2022 elections
  • inform and inspire pro-life citizens to support and elect good candidates

We must overcome the distractions of cynicism and euphoria. Neither of those responses will accomplish the tremendous task of electing the number of pro-life candidates necessary for Maine to roll back its pro-abortion statutes. We need to pray; we need to plan; we need to produce. It doesn’t cost anything to pray, but your financial support is critical to make sure:

  • our policy team is present in the legislature advocating for the sanctity of human life and biblical morality
  • our grassroots lobbying efforts are sufficient to educate citizens and motivate them to contact their elected leaders
  • prepare and execute effective candidate training sessions all over Maine
  • organize and encourage pastors to be a godly influence in our leaders lives through our Church Ambassador Network
  • support and elect officials who champion life, parental rights, religious freedom, and common sense

In my twelve years as the League’s director, this is the first time I have penned a New Year’s letter with a realistic hope of ending the holocaust of our generation. May we, as God’s advocates, seize this historical occasion to see Maine become be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

P.S. As I write this letter in the last week of December, we are still in our Year-End Campaign. Please consider making a donation that will help us take advantage of the $50,000 matching gift and reach our goal of $100,000!