Advocating for God’s Truth

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced at a gala on November 6th that the committee is forming the first “RNC Pride Coalition” to support, mobilize, and invest in “LGBTQ” communities. McDaniel also announced the RNC’s partnership with Log Cabin Republicans, the largest Republican organization committed to representing LGBTQ conservatives. The Log Cabin Republicans describe themselves as “LGBTQ conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality for all.” 

McDaniel’s decision is incredibly disappointing, as the move threatens to undermine the GOP’s pro-faith and pro-family values. It also demonstrates the varying philosophies within the Republican party, and shows why the GOP is not one-and-the-same with Christian advocacy organizations. Ultimately, the RNC is partnering with a group that advocates for policies that are fundamentally anti-biblical, and therefore we have a duty to speak out against it. 

As an organization, we are first and foremost advocates of God’s truth. The GOP and RNC have proven at various times, and especially with the new Pride Coalition, that they are not always aligned with God’s truth and our values. We believe that the biblical definition of marriage is the only valid definition – and it is the definition provided by God. 

Marriage between one man and one woman is essential for a healthy society. Partnering with those who have unbiblical definitions of marriage and sexuality poses a grave threat to the family unit, which is the foundation of a prosperous society. In addition, the LGBTQ agenda is a serious threat to parental rights and religious freedom. Over the past several years, we’ve seen Christian businesses face unnecessary legal issues and infringements upon their religious freedom due to the LGBTQ agenda. We’ve also seen children suffer and parental rights infringed upon at the behest of the LGBTQ community. Lastly, the only identity we should prioritize is our identity in Christ. We cannot promote God’s truth by uniting with secular groups that boast dangerous, anti-faith, and anti-family ideas. 

This incident is just one example of why Christians must engage in politics. Now more than ever, the political sphere desperately needs a voice that prioritizes God’s truth and a biblical worldview ahead of secular alliances. No amount of political power is worth sacrificing our values; and loving people, as we are called to do, often requires that we condemn their ideas. This means that caring for the LGBTQ community means we must denounce their harmful agenda. The RNC, however, has done the opposite in its decision to partner with the LGBTQ community. 

While this decision can leave us feeling disheartened, we cannot forget that we as Christians have a weapon that is more powerful than anything secular society may use against us. That is prayer. 

We ask that you pray that God gives us the wisdom to be effective advocates for His truth, that we may be witnesses to His glory, and that He may grant us the wisdom and grace to navigate these challenges effectively.


Mike McClellan
Policy Director


P.S. This disappointing announcement is yet another reason that we need more local Christian leaders in politics who will advocate for God’s truth. We still have spots available for our Candidate Training on December 10-11 – click here to sign up! Former Congressman, Bruce Poliquin, and City Councilor, Heather Pouliot, will be participating in a panel discussion for this great event.

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