Dear Friend,

First, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  Taking time to count my blessings might not be terribly original for a November appeal letter, but I hope my publicly giving thanks will encourage you to pray for the League. The Executive Director, as the face of the organization, usually gets a great amount of attention and way too much credit, but I want you to know what a talented and committed team God has assembled.

As much as I appreciate Mike’s years of experience in the legislature, I am most grateful for his heart and character: Mike is a Jesus chaser. That allows him to effectively fulfill all his responsibilities like direct and grassroots lobbying, directing campaigns, training candidates, producing voter guides, managing social media, and more without losing sight of the fact that every person with whom he comes into contact has spiritual needs and will spend eternity with or without Jesus Christ.


Our newest team member, Thomas Keith, has only been with us since September, but he has already proven his value to our ministry. His role as assistant to Mike McClellan with all things “policy” gives us the resources to be more thorough in the areas of legislative and legal research. The addition of Thomas to our team strengthens our policy and campaign efforts which frees me to focus on and invest in our Church Ambassador Network.


Chris oversees the day-to-day business operations and is “second in command” at the League. Because of her great work ethic and broad talent/experience, we were able to combine the Executive Administrator’s role with our Communications Director position. So, in addition to donation records, database maintenance, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping responsibilities, Chris also created and maintains our website, schedules email blasts, formats and delivers monthly mailers – – she also is the CCL/CEL’s treasurer. Chris goes to great lengths to make sure every penny is wisely and efficiently spent at the


Terri’s primary responsibility is maintaining contact with our ministry partners through thank you notes, phone calls, and emails. It is a blessing for me to eavesdrop on her calls and hear her visiting and praying with our faithful supporters. Terri also is our event coordinator – – she has an eye for detail. Terri will also be instrumental in assisting me with the Church Ambassador Network.


In addition to our full-time staff, we also have some very effective, valuable part-time workers. Glauciana Hicks assists Chris Mishou with logging our donation information. In addition to their very productive roles as volunteers, Abigail and Hadassah are helping us in the areas of data input, graphic design, donor contact, proofreading/editing, and many other tasks.


Upon reading these brief descriptions of the great work our team accomplishes on a daily basis, you can understand why I am so thankful- it is an honor to lead this team and this organization. These folks earn and are worthy of their pay. Your generosity enables us to recruit, hire, and retain good people. Just like everywhere else, expenses are increasing. Please continue to give and consider increasing your commitment that we might keep on working with all of you to see Maine become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.