Dear Friend,

When writing the League’s monthly appeal, I imagine what I’d say if I were sitting at your kitchen table. It’s easy expressing thanks and appreciation for your financial support and prayers. However, the hard part is communicating the sense of urgency regarding the dire circumstances our state and country are facing while reminding us of the hope we have in Christ.

Some may argue that “things” are not worse than they’ve ever been, but I believe with all we are presently experiencing, “things” are worse than they’ve ever been in America. Our response can’t be just wringing our hands in frustration and anxiety or lashing out in anger and fear. We have every reason to be frustrated and angry, but we know frustration and anger are not the solutions to these challenges.

The mission statement of the Christian Civic League is Bringing a Biblical perspective to public policy. We don’t promote this perspective to condemn a lost world, but we do so with the optimism and hope afforded by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has called all His disciples to speak the truth. The truth about the sanctity of life because our heavenly father created all life and verified each soul’s value by sending His son for redemption. We’re called to speak the truth about marriage, sexuality, and gender-not to ridicule the confused or deceived- but to promote the blessings of aligning with the Creator’s natural order. Whether it be in the halls of our legislature, at our workplaces, or in our homes, we are called to advocate for God’s truth patiently and compassionately. In so doing, we create conflicts against the lies of the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

The League’s team desires to be effective advocates for God’s truth. We also hope and pray to inform and inspire other Christians to take up this mantle. That is why we are placing such heavy emphasis and significant investment in our candidate training events and the Church Ambassador Network.

Now, more than ever, we need citizens to ask God, “Are you calling me into public service?” I’m thankful for the nearly 40 Mainers who completed our first two training sessions, but that is not nearly enough to impact our municipalities and state. I pray Christians all over our state are asking the Lord if they should run for the school board, town council, or other elected offices.

Mike McClellan and Zach Freeman have organized another candidate training event scheduled for December 10th and 11th at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Waterville. The first session will begin Friday night (6 to 9 PM) and the second session will begin 9 AM Saturday morning ending after lunch. Joseph Backholm, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement, will be leading the worldview segments of this program. Email Mike McClellan ( for registration details.

Please pray for the League as we: 

  • continue to develop our Church Ambassador Network and prepare for pastoral visits for the upcoming legislative session
  • work with individuals and groups dealing with the vaccine mandate
  • promote and organize our December candidate training event
  • develop a voter guide for the special House election 

We couldn’t do this work without your prayers and financial support. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness. 



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