Dear Friend,

Summer is nearly over, but the League’s phone lines, email accounts, and text boxes are still burning up. I don’t remember a time during my eleven years at the League when so many people reached out in distress to us. Here’s just a topical representation (not volume) of the requests for help–many of which were tearful:

  • Christian schools dealing with the new law prohibiting religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccinations
  • College students being denied matriculation for not taking the COVID-19 vaccination
  • Communities who lost local control regarding medical marijuana facilities
  • Public school teachers/administrators being told they must use the “proper“ pronouns for transgender students or lose their jobs
  • Parents concerned about Critical Race Theory being pushed upon their children
  • Medical professionals and military personnel being coerced via mandate to take the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their careers
  • Doctors, nurses, and technicians who refuse to participate in sex-change procedures for prepubescent children

    I know you were aware, even before you read these bullet points, that we are in trouble here in Maine. Yes, we need to pray, but, like Esther, the Lord also calls us to action. For such a time as this, the League needs your financial support to ensure we have the resources to respond to each phone call, email, and text. For such a time as this, are each of us asking, “What is God asking me to do?”

    Each and every one of these SOS signals reveals that we need godly men and women serving in our government. Thank the Lord, Mike McClellan and our team were able to train nearly forty citizens to run for office. The League is not stopping there; we plan to resume our candidate training sessions in October. Please consider an extra gift to fund these critical training sessions. If you are a business owner interested in helping sponsor these events, please email me ( or call me (659–6447).

    We also know at the heart of each of these problems is a spiritual battle. That is why we are so invested in working toward getting pastors involved in the lives of community and state leaders through our Church Ambassador Network [CAN]. Both our candidate training and CAN are long-term strategies. There is no quick fix for a state or country who ignores God. We must address the present challenges through advocacy and campaign efforts. At the same time, we must lead with the Gospel through relationship building motivated by our love for the Lord and our neighbors.

    Without apology, I ask you to partner with us that we may see Maine become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

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