Dear Friend,


I wish each of you could have experienced the passion and optimism that filled the rooms of our very first candidate training sessions in Auburn and in Bangor last month. Congratulations to our Policy Director, Mike McClellan, and our Legislative Committee for organizing and executing these two events equipping nearly forty citizens considering running for office to serve in school committees and city/town councils, as well as the House of Representatives and Senate.

I’m looking forward to tracking these courageous Mainers as they seek to answer the call of public service. Not only have these candidates received comprehensive training, but they enter the political fray with the continued support of our policy/campaign team: Mike McClellan and our new team member, Thomas Keith.

We need change in our state, and training and supporting Christian candidates to serve in all levels of our government is an effective strategy for relevant change. The League cannot possibly impact our state like this without your financial support and prayers.

I also wish you could’ve joined me last month in the office of Iowa governor, Kim Reynolds. I was there as a guest of the Iowa’s Church Ambassador Network [CAN]. I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to hear her thank CAN for its role of supporting Christian officeholders while holding them accountable to Biblical values of governing. As a believer, Gov. Reynolds thanked CAN’s leaders for delivering God’s Word and sharing the Gospel in the state capital.

My three days of training in Iowa affirmed for me over and over again that restructuring my role as the Executive Director to include leading our CAN is the right move for our ministry and our state. As I wrote earlier, Maine needs change. We will continue to effect change by investing in policy/legislative work as well as campaign activities – – we cannot and will not vacate these arenas. However, we know that any strategy for real and transformational change must include the direct infusion of the Gospel through the sharing of God’s Word. That is what CAN is all about, and the testimony of the Iowa Family Leader (our sister organization) is that CAN has changed the cultures of their state capital and The Family Leader itself.

I pray that you will be as inspired and enthusiastic as I am about encouraging, equipping, and organizing Maine pastors to disciple and support believers in our government and evangelize those in office who do not know Christ. Please note on your donation coupon an opportunity to designate tax-deductible gifts to our CAN.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our 2021 Beacon Campaign. I am very happy to report that we exceeded our goal of $40,000. We are humbled by your commitment to our efforts to be effective advocates for the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, parental rights, and other Biblical truths in the legislative process.

Let us continue to co-labor as we invest in legislative activities, campaign efforts, discipling, and witnessing that we might see a Maine where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


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