Stop Gambling Expansion Today

You read your email subject correctly. If Maine’s legislators do not sustain Gov. Mills’ veto of LD 554, the people of Maine, nor its government, could do absolutely nothing to prevent 18-22 new gambling operations coming to our state. In addition to having no authority to prevent new casinos, Maine government could not enforce safety codes, health regulations, environmental infractions, or anti-discrimination laws. Our state officials will not be able to require employee background checks and would not be allowed to inspect slot machines and other gambling devices.

No matter how you feel about gambling expansion, this is a horrible piece of legislation, and we support Gov. Mills’ courage to stand up against this powerful lobby and say, “No.”  Please take the time today to call your representative and your senator and tell them to support Gov. Mills’ veto for LD 554. Make the call to the House and Senate switchboards; tell them your name, your town, and ask your legislators to support Gov. Mills’ veto for LD 554.

Maine House: 287-1400   Maine Senate: 287-1540

Sign Up for Candidate Training

The deadline to sign up for the candidate training session for Saturday, July 24th at East Auburn Baptist Church (Auburn) is July 17th. Our Crosspoint Church (Bangor) candidate training session scheduled for Saturday, July 31st is nearly full. The deadline for that session is July 24th. Email Mike McClellan at for details or to register.

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