Dear Friend,

Were you horrified when our legislators recently passed bills forcing Mainers to pay for abortions?

How concerned were you when our leaders recently voted to remove religious and philosophical exemptions mandating vaccinations?

Now our elected officials are about to force Christian women’s shelters to house biological males.

I ask, “What are ya gonna do about it?

Some of you may sincerely be asking, “What can I do about it; can I really make a difference?” Keep in mind that some of the most egregious bills recently passed in Augusta and Washington have been by the slightest of margins. So, your actions can make a difference. Let me tell you two things I truly believe can bring positive change in our government:

1. Be a Rapid Responder
Due to the sequestering of our legislators, much of the legislative calendar is going to be tightly compressed. That means many public hearings and floor votes will be occurring in May and June. We need an army of responders who are committed to calling and/or emailing their representatives and senators. We are urging you to provide your mobile number so you can receive texts from our policy team notifying you it’s time to reach out to your leaders. These texts will include talking points and a custom link to contact your personal legislators. Please click here giving us permission to notify you by text.

2. Be a Courageous Candidate
I know the idea of running for office as a town councilor, school committee member, or legislator is intimidating to most of us, but I must promote the idea of God’s people praying and asking Him if they should consider public service.

I want you to know the League is stepping up and doing its part to recruit and train individuals to run for local and state office. We will be hosting candidate training sessions on July 24th at East Auburn Baptist Church (Auburn) and on July 31st at Crosspoint Church (Bangor). These all-day sessions will train, equip, and inspire individuals to be effective candidates. For more details, call me at 659-6447 or email me at We are looking for business sponsors; call me if you want to be part of the team for these critical events.

Beacon Campaign
Each legislative session, the League incurs thousands of dollars in lobbying expenses for social media campaigns, phone banks, expert witnesses, direct lobbying, and this year we are very excited about our new texting software. Our goal for this legislative session is $40,000. Praise the Lord, we have a matching grant of $20,000. Every dollar you give is doubled. We need just over $8,000 to reach our goal. Please prayerfully consider a donation to our Beacon Campaign by clicking here to make an online donation.