And So It Begins

Our policy director, Mike McClellan, has been telling us that the month of May was going to see some heavy legislative action. Well, on May 6th, things will definitely be heating up with public hearings on several bills we have been watching.

How do you feel about biological males being allowed into women’s shelters? Do you think boys should be allowed to compete against girls in athletic events when they have a clear physical advantage? It’s one thing to complain about these issues, but do you feel strongly enough about them to offer testimony in support of these bills?

Courageous legislators like Sen. Lisa Keim, Rep. Mary Anne Kinney, and Rep. Beth O’Connor are standing up for women’s safety, privacy, and athletic opportunities. What are we willing to do to support them? Will you provide testimony via Zoom? Can you take the time to submit written testimony?

On May 6th, the members of the Judiciary Committee need to know that everyday Mainers support these bills. They need to hear that women who have experienced domestic violence at the hands of men do not want to sleep and shower with men in the very shelters in which they are seeking safety. Parents of daughters, coaches of women, female athletes, need to tell the Judiciary Committee members to defend and protect the progress that women have made after years of neglect in inequality in sports.

If we you are interested in testifying, contact Mike McLellan if you would like information on how to prepare and deliver testimony. Mike wants to hear from you regarding Sen. Keim’s bill to protect women’s shelters [LD1238], Rep. O’Connor’s bill to ban men from women’s sports [LD 926], and Rep. Kinney’s bill to ban men from competing in school sports events that are federally funded [1401]. You can reach Mike by email ( or phone (329-6148).

We Need Rapid Responders

I am very excited about a new software that allows us to text our supporters to notify them when it is time to call their leaders in support or in opposition to upcoming legislation. If you become a Rapid Responder, you will receive texts from us with talking points and the number our YOUR legislators. Click here to become a Rapid Responder.

Double Your Donation

We thank God for the generosity of our ministry partners who have put up a $20,000 matching gift for our Beacon Campaign. Right now, we are just over $8,000 short of our goal of $40,000. Click here to double your gift and make sure the League has the resources necessary to advocate for life, religious, freedom, parental rights, and Biblical values this legislative session.

Even though we are facing restrictions due to the pandemic, we are still willing to serve your ministry by speaking in person or recording services for you. If you are interested in the League helping out with your pulpit needs, contact Carroll at

Speaking Engagements


May 15, 2021
Carroll Conley
Paraclete Men’s Conference
Maine Street Baptist Church
326 Maine St., Brunswick
9AM – 12PM

May 22nd, at 10 am
Carroll Conley
If My People New England
Beginnings Church of God
392 Main St. Waterville

June 14, 2021
Carroll Conley –Keynote speaker
Defending America: The Present Threat to Freedom
6:30-8:30 p.m. Main Program: 90 people max
Windham Vets Center, Windham, Maine