What Will You Do?

All too many times, we hear about a disastrous piece of legislation being considered in Washington D.C. or Augusta, and we do little more than complain about it. Very soon, maybe today, the Equality Act will be taken up on the floor of the US Congress. This bill is an attempt to irradicate the divinely designed differences between men and women. If passed, the Equality Act will greatly diminish the progress for which women have fought over 50 years regarding opportunities in athletic competition. It also will facilitate the invasion of women’s privacy in locker rooms, shelters, and other areas where females assume to be biologically segregated. The Equality Act also has far reaching implications regarding the life issue which very easily could lead to tax-funded abortions across our country. There is no question the Equality Act will subvert the First Amendment rights of anyone who does not bow to these ideologies. Please take the time this morning to call your congressman. I also urge you to also take the time to click here and send an email to your federal representatives. Both these important tasks can be accomplished in five minutes or less.

Rep. Jared Golden: (202) 225-6306

Rep. Chellie Pingree (202) 225-6116


Your donations to the Beacon Campaign ensure that we have the resources needed to stop bad legislation in Washington and Augusta.

Recommended Reading
I am presently reading Live Not by Lies (A Handbook for Christian Dissidents) by Ron Dreher. This is not a light read, but I highly recommend you checking this book out. Ron Dreher chronicles the cultural conditions of pre-Bolshevik Russia and Eastern Europe before falling to Communism and totalitarianism. He then draws the parallels to the soft totalitarianism that is rushing into our society as a result of the encroachments upon free speech. and religious freedom by the mainstream media, tech corporations, and a much too large federal government. I do not agree with all of Ron Dreher’s conclusions, but this book serves an especially important warning to us based upon relevant historical similarities when free people willingly surrendered their freedom.

I want to once again include a link to a sermon I have preached several times since we have been under the executive orders as a result of the pandemic. I continue to watch Satan create division within Christian congregations and families over the varied responses to the pandemic in the tempestuous political climate we are presently experiencing. Click here to watch the sermon centered around Paul’s command to do whatever it takes to maintain a spirit of unity.

Even though we are facing restrictions due to the pandemic, we are still willing to serve your ministry by speaking in person or recording services for you. If you are interested in the League helping out with your pulpit needs, contact Carroll at carroll.conley@gmail.com