What Should Sen. Collins Do?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me either what the Senate Republicans should do or specifically what Sen. Collins should do about filling the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Ginsberg. For me personally, I’m not totally convinced the answer is the same for those two questions.

Constitutionally, there is no legitimate debate about whether the President can submit a SCOTUS candidate which could be subsequently confirmed by the Senate. The fact this vacancy occurred during an election year is irrelevant as far as the Constitution and even historical precedent is concerned.

The question “should they move forward before the election” is therefore a political question (click here to see my quote in the BDN re: this question). With the potential of our elections results being challenged in the courts, I believe the President and Senate should avoid the looming Constitutional crisis of any ties (4-4) in critical SCOTUS rulings and confirm a ninth justice before November 3rd. It certainly appears with Sen. Mitt Romney declaring he will confirm that the Republicans have the votes to fill the vacancy before the election.

Click here for one of the best summaries I’ve read regarding the three SCOTUS nominees, the potential votes of key Senators, and the political implications.

So, what should Sen. Collins do? First of all, you are all very aware that the League has had major issues with Sen. Collins regarding abortion and the horrible piece of legislation called the Fairness Act. Despite those significant differences, my personal dealings and conversations with Sen. Collins have left me with the clear impression that she will do what she thinks is right and best for Maine and the country.

For the record, I am voting for Sen. Collins in her race against Sara Gideon. Despite our major issues, Sen. Collins’ continued opposition to tax-funded abortions (the Hyde Amendment), her vote in support of the Born Alive Act, her defense and support of Justice Kavanaugh, and opposition to impeachment proceedings against President Trump make her a superior choice over Sara Gideon who would be wrong on every one of those issues that matter greatly to social conservatives.

I do not want Sara Gideon to be my U.S. Senator. More importantly, I do not want the Democrats to control the Senate. The Democrats have already declared that if they win the Senate, they will vote down the filibuster rule and pack the supreme court with a pro-abortion majority (that would mean twelve justices instead of nine).

Once again, this is a political question. Sen. Collins needs every conservative, pro-life vote in Maine. She also needs Independent/Unenrolled voters to support her once again. The Hounds of Hell (the Left) that she courted for years have turned upon her, and you can argue she brought it upon herself: you might be right, but I ask you, “What is best for the America of our grandchildren?” President Trump, the Republican Senators, and our pro-life allies need Sen. Collins to return to Washington to thwart the progressive, socialist agenda that is at our doorstep.

I know some of my colleagues are not going to be happy with what I’m about to say, but I need to say it. Sen. Collins cannot return to the U.S. Senate with just conservative support in Maine. If the Republicans have the votes to confirm a Trump nominee without her vote, and she believes she needs to prove her independence to swing voters by not supporting the SCOTUS nominee before the election, I strongly believe we still should support Sen. Collins to rejoin the Senate to defend our Republic and the Constitution.

I am not casting aspersions on those who may disagree with my opinion. I am not so arrogant that I would state this is the only righteous conclusion that anyone could reach on this complex matter.  I am asking you to consider this perspective and prayerfully approach the stewardship of our freedoms as you participate in dialogue and eventually vote during this election season.

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