Christian Cancel Culture

As I was preparing the news articles for this week’s email blast, I was actually quite excited about sharing a very well-written, balanced article entitled, In Politics: Do Christians Have to Choose between Compassion and Conviction?

Not only was the article helpful, but it came from an unlikely source: Relevant Magazine. Which has never been accused of promoting conservative concepts and rarely engages in anything “political “(at least in a helpful manner). So, I was pleased to recently see a quote from on a friend’s Facebook page with this portion of the article:

“Do you advocate social justice or family values? Do you support women or are you against abortion? Do you love the poor or do you believe in personal responsibility?”

“Don’t answer those questions — or at least not in the way they’re asked. They are based on a false premise and thus create a false dilemma for Christians. This is what happens when we allow the world to frame the questions and the issues for us: we end up choosing one of two wrong answers or rejecting one of two right answers and losing control of our public witness in the process. Part of getting the correct answer is about framing the issues correctly.”

“Instead of answering the questions at the beginning of this section as they were posed, Christians should say, ‘I support social justice, morality and family values. I don’t affirm ungodly behavior, nor do I hate the individual; I affirm the human dignity of all people. I love and care for the poor, and I believe in personal responsibility.’ In other words, proper framing allows us to embrace the love and truth of the gospel. Christians can reject false choices in politics without walking away from civic engagement altogether.

Upon reading the posted excerpt, I quickly clicked the link to read the entire article only to see the following: Sorry, this page doesn’t exist. After several attempts to find the article on the Internet, I called my friend who originally posted it. He is my counterpart in New York State. He said he would reach out to Relevant Magazine to investigate. A few minutes later, he called me back informing me that Relevant Magazine apparently removed the article due to negative responses from their readership due to the political nature of its content.

I was disheartened but not shocked. We see the cancel culture on full display in the world and its inconsistency and vain attempts to quell their God-given appetite for justice. As frustrating as the secular cancel culture may be, I still am sympathetic because they are not grounded in Scriptural truth nor guided by the Holy Spirit. 

When I see this foolishness with Christian publishers, entertainers, and yes, even pastors, I morph from frustration and sympathy to disappointment and anger. We should know better!

Assuming very few Christian publishers and celebrities are reading this, let me admonish our church and lay leaders: 

  1. Telling the truth is not optional. Jesus said it was the very reason He         came to this world (John 18:37).
  2. truth effectively and in love.
  3. Addressing the lies of our souls’ enemy as they are manifested in today’s culture is not political.

If the Lord leads us to speak the truth from the pulpit, at work, or around the family table – – courageously and lovingly obey and trust the source of all truth to draw them to Himself.


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