Dear Friend,

As a Christian, I pray God will help me keep an eternal perspective and use me to point others to the cross and His salvation. That eternal perspective in no way relieves me from the biblical responsibilities of stewardship as a husband, father, grampie, citizen, or any other role to which the Lord has entrusted me.

I recently returned from a Midwest visit where I got to spend time with three of my grandchildren. I would not be transparent if I did not confess that I am very concerned about their future. I praise God they are being raised in a Christ-centered home where they will see and hear the Gospel. The eternal perspective and hope that my grandchildren will be in Christ does not diminish my motivation to fight for their future here in America by advocating for truth in the public square. I thank God for the privilege to lead a ministry like the League that simultaneously promotes the eternal and temporal consequences and benefits of God’s timeless truths.

In addition to seeing my grandchildren, I also got to attend a tremendously encouraging and equipping event in Iowa focusing on the Church Ambassador Network [CAN]. CAN efforts to develop meaningful relationships between pastors and leaders via prayer and a godly presence in our state capitals is one of the most effective models I’ve seen that invests in the eternity and future of our children and our children’s children.

The League launched our CAN in 2019: it well may be our highest priority. I urge, beseech, beg (whatever is most compelling) you to watch an inspiring video about the great results CAN is experiencing in other states. Please click here to see it.

We covet your prayers and financial partnership for the summer and fall activities:

  • Pews to the Polls: Mike McClellan and his team continue to prepare for the fall elections by developing voter guides, get-out-the-vote efforts, and campaign strategies.
  • Pandemic: I continue to work closely with Maine’s denominational and spiritual leaders, the governor’s office, and the Alliance Defending Freedom to inform and counsel churches and ministries through these challenging times.
  • Banquets: pray for clear guidance for our team to discern how to proceed with our annual events in light of the pandemic.

The League operates upon the generosity and faithfulness of donors and churches. We know many of our partners are experiencing financial challenges at this time. We also know God is in control, and He will supply our (the League and its ministry partners) needs. Please contribute to our general needs and Pews to the Polls as you are able, and let us continue to advocate for truth and pray Maine will be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


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