Dear Friend,

The words above are the lyrics of a well-known song. The next two lines read, “And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” That’s right, those are the last four lines of the last and rarely heard verse of our National Anthem. I simultaneously rejoice that our founding fathers knew our freedom was a blessing from the Creator, and I weep in witnessing the lack of respect and gratitude for our imperfect yet godly heritage.

As we gather this month to celebrate the USA, allow me to challenge all of us to be stewards of the temporal blessings of freedom and prosperity. I pray our genuine concerns about the unrest and division we see in our country lead us to do more than simply complain about them to our friends and family around picnic tables and campfires this summer.

Stewardship requires action and sacrifice. Political engagement is not a replacement for prayer and testifying; however, it is certainly part of the solution to combating the confusion and lies promoted in our culture today. Supporting and participating in the League’s efforts to defend life, religious freedom, and Biblical values is a witness to God’s revealed truth.

We cannot be the land of the free if we do not know the author of freedom. I believe the Lord would have His bride be very present in every corner of His creation, and that includes effectively, boldly, and lovingly proclaiming His truth in the public square.

Our Pews to the Polls campaign is all about informing and inspiring God’s people to be responsible stewards of our exceptional freedoms by:

  • developing, promoting, and distributing accurate and informative voter guides
  • promoting and supporting candidates who will defend life, parental rights, and religious freedom
  • creating and executing get-out-the-vote strategies
  • recruiting and training a team of volunteers to implement those strategies

The cost of the Pews to the Polls campaign will exceed $100,000. Each election cycle, we ask churches to take a God and Country Offering to support the Pews to the Polls campaign. This is especially helpful with the great expenses of our voter guides. I need to be frank with you. We have not had a good response with churches letting us know they are planning on participating in a gift or special offering. We’ve already begun the process of developing and researching the voter guides. We need financial support now to cover these ongoing expenses. Please prayerfully consider participating as an individual and encourage your church leadership to partner with us sometime during the month of July. It would be helpful and very encouraging if churches would  click here and notify us of your participation.

One blessing that has emerged from the challenges of the pandemic has been the unity we have experienced through the work of the League’s Pastors’ Advisory Board. This experience inspired me to preach a sermon on Biblical Unity. You can check it out here. Let us continue in unity to pray Maine will be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.