Dear Friend,

Imagine receiving a phone call telling you your child fell through the ice and is being rushed to the emergency room. You arrive at the hospital to find out your child was under the ice for twenty minutes and has been without a pulse for over an hour. You enter the ER and the medical personnel leave, giving you some privacy before the attending physician makes a death pronouncement. You touch your child’s lifeless body and cry out to God loud enough to be heard in the adjacent halls, begging Him to bring your child back to you. To everyone’s astonishment, the heart monitor beeps, and miraculously your child starts breathing and begins the supernatural recovery that can be ascribed only to the healing power of Almighty God.

That mother was Joyce Smith, and she and her pastor, Jason Noble, will be our keynote speakers at our Annual Fall Events on November 14th (Bangor), 15 (Auburn), and 18th (Presque Isle).Please make plans to join us for one of these inspirational and informative events. In addition to our keynote speakers, we will be honoring heroic legislators and citizens with our Minuteman and Beacon Awards. (click here to see recipients). We also will have the opportunity to look back and thank the Lord for what He allowed us to accomplish in 2019 and look forward to what He’s going to do in 2020.

Our Annual Fall Events are very important to the financial health of the League. We ask for your partnership in the following ways:

  • please make every effort to attend
  • help promote our events by inviting others
  • if you cannot attend, please consider giving a special donation (designate the gift on your coupon)
  • ask your church to sponsor a half-table or table
  • be a business sponsor

   Click Here to get details for sponsors and purchase tickets and tables.

Speaking of 2020, we are very excited to announce the launch of our Church Ambassador Network [CAN] for this coming year’s legislative session. There’s no doubt in my mind that having pastors present in our capitol and praying for their leaders will have a tremendous, positive impact upon Maine. If you’re interested in CAN, CLICK HERE to RSVP for our launch event at the State House on the morning of November 7th from 10:00 to 12:00. You can also email our Outreach Director, Tristan Starbird, at

Without question, in many ways, 2019 was a challenging year for us who believe in the sanctity of life, religious freedom, parental rights, and other Biblical values. We cannot let those challenges discourage us and keep us from boldly asking the Lord to make Maine a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.