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Attention Pastors!!! The Christian Education League is launching the Church Ambassador Network in Maine on November 7th. We are formally inviting you to our launch event so that you can hear more about the vision behind building our network of pastors to establish relationships with our legislators. 

Both government and the Church are institutions of God. They both have unique roles to play. It is important for them to remain separate, but they must work together. The question must not be “whose side is the church on?” rather, the question is, “who is on the Lord’s side?” (Joshua 5:13-14) 

To do its job successfully, the government needs the Church to fulfill the proper role of spiritual guide and counselor. Both are institutions of God’s, and if they work together, they can be a blessing to the people. That is why we are launching the Church Ambassador Network in Maine. We aim to bring the shepherd of God’s people (the Pastor) to the shepherd of God’s government (the Legislator). 

Our goal is to have a presence of pastors regularly in the capitol for the primary purpose of building relationships with our leaders. We want to thank our leaders for their time and sacrificial service. We also want to let them know that the evangelical community in Maine cares and is praying for them.

Join us on Thursday, November 7th, from 10 AM-12 PM at the Capitol, where we will share the nuts and bolts of how the Church Ambassador Network will operate and how you will be involved.


Pictured here is myself (right) and Senator Eichorn from Minnesota (left), I introduced myself to him because he represents my sister and her family in Minnesota, and asked if he wouldn’t mind if I prayed with him. He was busy running off to another session, but he paused and allowed me to pray with him. It was an awesome experience and one that needs to be happening in Maine!

Please join us…


Thursday, November 7th, 2019


State House

43 State House Station

Augusta, Maine

This event has limited space and is intended for Pastors only. If you are close to your pastor, please forward this webpage to them so they can sign up!

Sign up to attend here:

God Bless,

Tristan Starbird
Christian Education League
Director of Outreach