…struck down but not destroyed… II Corinthians 4:9

Dear Friend,

Giving up is not an option. It’s perfectly natural to feel discouraged and disappointed, but advocating for the transcendent truth of Almighty God has little to do with feelings or anything else natural. Are the innocent lives of the unborn and the women caught in Planned Parenthood’s lies still worthy of our defense? Are the elderly and disabled any less vulnerable? We did not prevail in this battle, but we must, and we will continue to declare the truth of the sanctity of human life and the significance of religious freedom.
As disappointing as it was not to give Maine citizens a chance to overturn Tax-Funded Abortions and Physician-Assisted Suicide, there were some very encouraging outcomes from the People’s Vetoes Campaign:

  • we gathered tens of thousands of names and data from like-minded Mainers
  • churches who had never participated in such a campaign broadened our coalition
  • we trained and engaged hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers

There is no question in my mind we are more prepared than ever for the next battle. I do not know if that will be a Citizen’s Referendum or the 2020 elections, but pray for us as we plan and prepare.

Our immediate attention now turns to our Annual Fall Events. These events are one of our most important fund and friend raisers. For all intents and purposes, we suspended the day-to-day activities of the League for three months to execute the People’s Vetoes Campaign. The funds raised for the campaign will not cover our expenses. For that reason, we are counting on successful Annual Fall Events to finish 2019 strong and make sure we have the financial resources to be effective in 2020.

We are very excited to have Joyce Smith and her pastor, Jason Noble, as our keynote speakers. The Smith family’s remarkable story of faith and hope was portrayed in the hit movie Breakthrough. Joyce’s 14-year-old son was clinically dead for approximately one hour after falling through the ice and being submerged for fifteen minutes. When Joyce arrived at the hospital, she would not accept her son’s death and begged God to bring him back to life. The miracle of John’s coming back to life and full recovery is precisely the message we need to hear in Maine.

We will also be recognizing legislators and citizens who have been great allies in 2019 with our Minuteman and Beacon Awards. Click here for a postcard with event details. Use the card as a prayer reminder and invitation.

We are still seeking business sponsorships and table sponsorships for our Annual Fall Events. A table of eight is $350, and a table of four is $175. We are praying that churches will sponsor tables and invite folks who are interested in the League. Click here to purchase tickets. Remember, pastors and a guest attend free!

We want you to come and enjoy this night of fellowship celebrating what the Lord has done and to prepare for the future. Please don’t come alone – – pray about friends you can bring and introduce them to the great work of the Christian Civic League and the Christian Education League.