Ray talks about Governor Mills and he campaign and some of the way left idea bills that she has signed into law…we will see what will happen with the “Death with Dignity” bill comes to her desk. Ray welcomes Carroll Conley, Executive Director of Christian Civic League of Maine by phone. Carroll is really distressed as Ray is about this bill.

Ray and Carroll continue their chat about the Death with Dignity” bill. They plead with people to call the Governor’s office and let your voice be heard, RESPECTFULLY. Carroll gives a personal history to inform that he understands both sides of the argument.

Carroll Conley, Executive Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, and Ray continue their discussion about Death with Dignity. Ray gives a personal reflection and his belief on suicide. They talk about hypocrisy of the laws coming out of Augusta. Ray doesn’t believe that the “advocates” really have “our” best interest in mind when they are advocating for these bills.

Physician-Assisted Suicide (LD1313) Update

After losing in the House by one vote on Monday (73-72), the Senate voted to approve LD 1313 on Wednesday. Our next and final step is to ask Gov. Mills to veto LD 1313. Please call (287-3531) or email (governor@maine.gov)  the governor’s office and ask her to veto LD 1313.

Please take the time to email and thank the Representatives and Senators who opposed Physician-Assisted Suicide. Click here to see a list of who voted against LD 1313 and Click here to email and thank them.