Dear Friend,

The same month we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, we will once again be opposing a bill which would keep parents from seeking biblical counseling for their children struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion. By the power of the Resurrection, Jesus with all authority declared, “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.“ We know the Gospel can deliver anyone from any bondage, and that is why we must aggressively and compassionately fight the Conversion Therapy Ban.
The public hearing for these attempts to stifle parents and counselors from unleashing the power of the Gospel is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10. I urge you to pay attention to our emails and website for opportunities to attend hearings and press conferences as well as use your voice to advocate for God’s truth.
I want to thank the hundreds of Mainers who attended the public hearing in opposition to LD 820, the tax-funded abortion bill. The public hearing is just the first step in this battle to force Mainers to pay for abortions. I can’t emphasize how important it is for your legislators to hear from you. The opportunities and means to leverage your voice are in our emails and on our website: 
Our new Outreach Director, Tristan Starbird, has hit the ground running. We were able to attend training in Florida last month regarding our Better Work program. He has been meeting with Waterville area pastors planning our very first church-based job fair. He also will be heading to Iowa soon to observe their very effective Church Ambassador Network which creates opportunities for pastors to actively invest in the lives of their state leaders through prayer and service. Please pray for Tristan and his family as they make the transition from Camp Fairhaven to the League. We ask you to pray for their housing needs and that God would provide the financial resources necessary for us to execute our vision for the Outreach program.

Beacon Campaign

In my nine years at the helm of the League, I’ve never witnessed the onslaught of bad legislation we are now experiencing. Mike McClellan, our Policy Director, is doing a great job, but bill after bill regarding abortion, casino expansion, threats to religious freedom, and suicide are threatening our state. For us to stand up against the attacks of our political opponents and the lies of our real enemy and adversary, we need your financial support. That is what the Beacon Campaign is all about – making sure the League team has the weapons for these spiritual battles.                                                           
Last month, I announced a family will match every dollar we raise for the Beacon Campaign. Our goal–our need is $40,000. Thus far, we have raised less than a quarter of that, and our expenses are exceeding our revenues. I know many of you deeply care about these battles, so I am frankly letting you know the need. Please take advantage of this family’s generosity and make a sacrificial gift to the Beacon Campaign that we may continue to labor together to see Maine become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.



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