Dear Friend,

The League has waited nearly two years to initiate our Better Work and Church Ambassador Network programs. The last week in February, Tristan Starbird and I had the privilege of going to southern Florida to observe and be trained by the Better Work team. Now it’s time for us to roll out these tremendous programs here in Maine. I wish I could effectively express how excited I am about churches joining together in our communities and showing recovering addicts, felons, and other employment challenged people the love of Christ via the dignity of work along with meaningful mentoring. In addition to Better Work, as our Outreach Director, Tristan will be investing in relationships with pastors through the League’s Church Ambassador Network. Imagine pastors reaching out to their leaders offering to pray for them and helping them to be the leaders God has called them to be. For these programs to positively impact our state, we will need your prayer and financial support. We have stepped out by faith believing we can’t “play it safe” and wait until financial support is in place. The world needs to see the Church has the solutions to our opiate crisis and the challenges we face in our government. Here’s what you can do to help us be a resource to the Church: 1) if you’re not presently financially partnering with us, please consider a one-time gift and also becoming a monthly donor. 2) if you are an individual or church already supporting us, please consider increasing your investment. 3) please tell like-minded friends about the League and encourage them to partner with us.

Beacon Campaign

I’ve never witnessed such an onslaught upon the sanctity of human life, parental rights, and our religious freedoms as we are experiencing now in Augusta. Last year, we exceeded our goal of $30,000 for the Beacon Campaign, providing the necessary resources to effectively advocate. This year, the need is greater. We need $40,000 to stand up against the abortion industry and thwart their attempts to fund abortions with tax dollars. We need to bring in expert witnesses to stand up against the proponents of a conversion therapy ban which will strip away parents’ rights to seek counseling for their children in line with their faith. Without the necessary financial resources, who else will fight those who would force parents to vaccinate their children or take away any say regarding the age their children must start school? Without necessary resources, we can’t sound the alarm regarding gambling expansion, physician-assisted suicide, and the transgender agenda in our schools.
We need every penny of that $40,000 to be effective. Thankfully, a family has committed a very generous matching grant of $20,000. That’s right, if we raise $20,000, this family will match up to $20,000 to help us reach our goal of $40,000. Gifts to the Beacon Campaign are not tax-deductible, and therefore are much more difficult to raise. We thank God for these families and pray you will take advantage of the 3-to-1 matching opportunity. Now is the time to be vigilant for opportunities to make sure your voice is heard. Go to our website,, and sign our Advocacy Commitment Form. In so doing, you are saying, “As much lies within me, I commit to reaching out to my legislators when the opportunity is presented to email, call, or write them.” The only chance we have to stop all this bad legislation is if God’s people pray and act. Let us continue to pursue Maine becoming a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.   

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