Dear Friend,

Five years ago, Maine artist, John Holub, was commissioned to create a painting depicting the mission of the Christian Civic League’s vision statement: to see Maine be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. A New Dawn (see above), entitled by Holub, was the first artistic depiction of the capital after the dome restoration project.

Today, I’m excited to announce another new dawn which is in many ways, a return or recommitment to the League’s historical roots. For over a year, we’ve been asking God how the League can be a resource to our state regarding the substance-abuse issues consuming our communities. In December, our board made the decision to step out by faith to hire a Church Outreach Director to lead our Church Ambassador Network by:

  1. organizing and inspiring pastors to invest in relationships with local and state leaders through prayer and non-partisan visits to Augusta
  2. directing our Better Work program training/equipping local churches to show the love of Christ to recovering addicts and other employment-challenged individuals through faith-based job fairs
  3. informing and provoking the Church to engage in adoption and faith-based alternatives to foster care like Safe Families.

I wish I could effectively communicate to you how excited and pleased I am to introduce to you Tristan Starbird, the League’s very first Church Outreach Director. Tristan, a native Mainer, comes to us after six very effective years of leading Camp Fairhaven in Brooks, Maine. I think the reaction of one of our local pastors when I told him of our decision to bring Tristan onto the League team says it best, “I can’t think of any name that came out of your lips that would have inspired more enthusiasm and confidence than Tristan Starbird.“ Please pray for Tristan and his family as they make this transition. To hear my interview with Tristan on Faith Matters in Maine, click here.

As the League invests in this non-legislative venture, we must never weaken our efforts to bring a biblical perspective to public policy through direct and grassroots lobbying. Here are some of the issues we will be facing in Augusta and Washington DC in 2019:

*attacks upon our religious freedoms attempting to ban Conversion Therapy
*efforts to legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide
*attempts to use state and federal tax dollars to fund abortions
*the promotion of the transgender agenda in our schools and workforce
*bids to expand state-sponsored gambling, especially in the area of sports betting

Your donation to our Beacon Campaign will provide the League with the resources to defend our values and fight against those who would diminish our rights, slay the unborn, and fleece problem gamblers and their families. Please give to the Beacon Campaign so Mike McClellan, our policy director, and the League team will have the necessary finances for legislative research, direct and grassroots lobbying (phone calls, social media, and email campaigns), expert witness expenses (travel, lodging, etc.), and printing.

Our Beacon Campaign goal for 2019 is $40,000

Gifts to the Beacon Campaign are to our 501(c)4, The Christian Civic League [CCL] and are not tax-deductible. Our non-legislative, educational efforts (like Better Work and Church Ambassador Network) are conducted through the Christian Education League [CEL]. The CEL is our 501(c)3, and all donations to it are tax-deductible. We often refer to these entities together as the League, but it is important for you to write your checks to the CEL if you intend to deduct your gift.

Thanks to all of you who made our year-end campaign a success. Praise the Lord, we exceeded our goal and raised $36,740.00! We covet your prayers and support for the League as we continue to partner with you to see our state and our country become a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.