Dear Friend,

For over a year, we’ve been praying and talking about starting two programs here in Maine that would allow the League to be a resource to help local churches and pastors reveal the relevance of the Gospel in their communities. I’m very excited to announce our Board of Directors has decided to take a step of faith and authorize me to launch our Better Work and Church Ambassadors Network programs for 2019.

Imagine addicts, felons, and other struggling Mainers turning to their local churches for the opportunity to know the dignity of work. In addition to a job, these “neighbors” will have the love and guidance of a godly mentor as well as the support of a local Bible- believing church. You don’t have to imagine – – that is the Better Work program.

Now imagine, the ordained shepherds/ministers from Romans 13 strategically committed to personal relationships with the ordained ministers of government mentioned in the same chapter. Our Church Ambassadors Network will promote and provide opportunities for non-partisan prayer for pastors and state leaders as well as platforms to proclaim the timeless truths of Scripture in the public square.

We also will continue to promote the good work of Safe Families and other programs provoking the Church to open their hearts and homes to faith-based alternatives to foster care and adoption.

Please pray for us as we seek to add the leadership for these programs to our team here at the League. Frankly, we do not have the finances to fully fund these programs, but we believe the need is too great to “play it safe.” We are confident God’s people will catch this vision and partner with us in 2019.

These new programs in no way will diminish our efforts to effectively advocate for God’s truth in the halls of Augusta and Washington, D.C. We will be counting on a successful Beacon Campaign to fund our opposition to the conversion therapy ban, increased funding for the abortion industry, the legalization of physician assisted suicide, and encroachments upon our precious religious freedoms.


If you are not presently supporting the League, please prayerfully consider investing in this great work. If you are already a ministry partner, please consider helping us in two ways:

  • tell your friends about the League and encourage them to support us
  • if you’re able, consider increasing your giving level to help us expand our influence here in Maine.

January is a very busy month for the League. Please mark these dates on your calendar:

As we begin the journey of 2019, let’s join together in prayer that our state would be a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.