Dear Friend,

Eight years ago, Maine saw a wave of conservative legislators (many of them Christian) accompany Paul LePage to Augusta. I thank God for the efforts of those public servants who stemmed the tide of progressive secularism and promoted the values of the sanctity of life and religious liberty. Pro-life Mainers who know our freedom originates with God, must now decide who is best suited to continue this legacy.

The first step in this decision will take place at the primary election on Tuesday, June 12. Voter turnout for primaries is historically low – – I pray pro-life, God-fearing citizens will show up and be heard.

I truly hope we take our responsibility seriously and prayerfully seek God‘s direction. Go to and check out our Voter Guide to see the candidates’ positions on such issues as abortion, school choice, casino expansion, marijuana, and religious freedom.

After June 12, we will turn our attention and resources to this fall’s state and federal elections. Once again, it is our desire that the League be a positive influence in Maine’s elections.

Our Pews to the Polls campaigns in the past have allowed us to

    * produce and distribute Voter Guides for every state and federal race

    * recruit and promote candidates who will defend biblical values

    * identify and mobilize value voters

The League cannot be salt and light in this process unless we have the necessary financial resources.

Each election year, we jumpstart our Pews to the Polls campaign by asking partner churches to participate in God and Country Offerings. We are asking church leaders to prayerfully consider taking a God and Country Offering on June 30, July 1, or July 8. These offerings are critical in funding the massive amount of research needed this summer to complete our Voter Guides. If you plan on taking a God and Country Offering, or if you have any questions, please email me at

We expect the legislature to reconvene toward the end of June. Please be in prayer regarding our two main legislative issues as this session wraps up. Please pray we can defeat LD912, the Conversion Therapy Ban, and pray for wisdom as we consider options to repeal the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Like so many other ministries, summers tend to be financially challenging. Our expenses actually increase with the hiring of research interns and other Pews to the Polls activities. Please prayerfully consider participating in our God and Country Offerings to help fund these critical projects.

Executive Director

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