On Wednesday, February 14th, over 100 people showed up to the public hearing for LD 912, the Conversion Therapy Ban Bill.  Thanks to everyone who attended, testified, and prayed. The testimonies before the Labor, Commerce, Research, and Education Committee [LCRED] lasted for six hours. This dangerous bill which aims to stifle any speech regarding the hope of change or reduction of unwanted same-sex attraction was supported by the Maine Medical Association, the American Psychiatry Association, the ACLU, and other groups who totally disregard the rights of parents and their children who desire counsel in line with their Christian world view.

The Christian Civic League flew in Dr. Joseph Niciolosi, Jr. from California to oppose LD 912. His father developed Reparative Therapy which unlike Conversion Therapy does not use coercive or aversive methods to address the unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion of their clients. Dr. Nicolosi did a great job demonstrating there are thousands of licensed, clinical medical and mental health professionals all over the world that effectively aid their clients to reach their goal of not identifying as homosexuals.

Testimony in opposition to LD 912 was offered by Maine social workers, licensed counselors, pastors, educators, law enforcement, legislators, and concerned citizens, young and old. The common theme of these testimonies was a recognition of unethical and illegal methods to “treat” sexual orientation defined in LD 912 as Conversion Therapy, at the same time making the distinction of Reparative and Talk Therapy as both effective and constitutionally protected by parents’ rights and religious freedom.

Proponents of LD 912 equate any discussion with a minor on the possibility of trauma or emotional deficiency (i.e., molestation or lack of a male figure) as potential factors in sexual orientation of gender dysphoria is, in fact, abuse or torture. Let that sink in. The proponents of a LD 912 would require anyone in a potential counseling scenario with a minor to do nothing but affirm unwanted same-sex or be threatened with losing their license and being sued for fraud. This includes pastors and staff (licensed or not) of ministries like Christian schools and camps if they receive any remuneration.

What’s Next…

The LCRED Committee will meet on February 27th for a work session where possible changes to the bill will be discussed. The committee will then vote on their recommendation to send to the legislature as ought to pass or ought not to pass. Between now and then, we will be lobbying the committee members and the rest of the legislators to oppose this bill. You can help by doing the following:

  • Pray we will get an ought not to pass recommendation and for the wisdom and resources to make the case this bill is dangerous and needs to be defeated
  • Watch for Action Alerts in your email to contact your state representative and senator
  • Sign and share our petition opposing the passage of LD 912
  • Ask your church leaders to place and promote a physical copy of the petition at your church the next to Sundays.
  • There are many expenses in a campaign like this including airfare and lodging for expert witnesses, social media campaign, and printing. Please consider a gift to help us be as effective as we can be.  DONATE HERE