Abortion Is on the Ballot!

That’s right, on Tuesday November 7th, Mainers will be deciding whether or not to increase abortions. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry is dumping thousands of dollars in the Question 2 campaign. If Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills get their way in court and Question 2 passes, the Hyde Amendment restrictions on abortion funding will be abolished here in Maine, and that means abortions that Maine has never reimbursed, will be paid for by your tax dollars.

The supporters of Question 2 are terrified that the church is going to show up and vote on a non-presidential year and protect the lives of the unborn. They are terrified because if that happens, Question 2 loses and the innocent, unborn babies win. I pray their fears are well-founded!

The Christian Civic League is also strongly opposing Question 1, an attempt to allow a casino in York County. We have consistently fought against gambling here in Maine, so it won’t surprise anyone that we are fighting to keep an industry that has done so much destruction to families from expanding in Maine. Question 1, however, is by far, one of the worst deals that has come down the pike when it comes to casino efforts. Check out the Wickedshady.com to see just how bad this deal is.

Shawn Scott, the developer who deceptively manipulated our referendum system to make sure he was the only entity that could build this casino if Question 1 passes, is an unethical business man who has a wake of corruption following him in several states and around the globe. Because of “Shady Shawn” Scott, even folks who don’t necessarily oppose gambling are voting against Question 1.

What Can I do?
First of all, commit to vote on Tuesday, November, 7th. Mark it on your calendar. Tell your smart phone to remind you.

Talk to your friends and associates that we need to show on Tuesday, November 7th, and defeat Question 1 & 2.

Go to our Facebook page and like our posts that oppose Questions 1 & 2.

On our resources page, you will find bulletin inserts for Questions 1 & 2. Print these out and ask your pastor if they can be distributed in your bulletins or handed out after church.

You will also find some of my radio broadcasts on this page that will inform you on Question 1 & 2. Share these broadcasts and bulletin inserts on your social media.

Church of Maine, let’s rise up and vote our values on Tuesday, November 7th!
In early October, I had the wonderful privilege of attending FRC’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. There were many exciting and informative aspects to this summit, but I want to emphasize two things that I hope will be as much of an encouragement to you as they were to me. First, I along with other Family Policy Council directors from all over the country, attended briefings with members of the Trump administration, congressman and their staff, and the great staff of the Family Research Council. These briefings on pro-life legislation, religious liberty, and transgender issues took place in the executive offices of the White House complex and FRC offices. I want you to know that I was so impressed and encouraged with the number of talented, intelligent, and committed conservatives that are in the Trump administration and in Congress fighting for our values.

Another highlight of the DC trip was getting to spend time with Toni Richardson and her legal team from First Liberty Institute. Toni is the educator from Cony High School who was told to cease and desist from all expressions of faith after being reported for telling a co-worker she was praying for him. I got to observe Toni and her attorney, Jeremy Dys, present a break out session at the Values Voter Summit. Please pray for Toni and First Liberty Institute as they continue to defend her First Amendment rights. You can meet Toni as she will be attending our banquet in Auburn on November 10th.

Speaking of our Annual Banquets, it’s not too late to reserve your spot. Both of our banquets will be informative and inspiring evenings whether you attend the Bangor event on Thursday, November 9th or the Auburn event on Friday, November 10th.

I hope many of you will join us in Bangor to hear the tremendous testimony of the Benham brothers. These identical twin brothers employ humor and “straight talk” to relate their story of losing their HGTV television program due to their religious beliefs concerning Biblical marriage.

I also hope many of you can join us at East Auburn Baptist Church on November 10th. The president of the Family Policy Alliance, Paul Weber will be our keynote speaker. Gov. LePage will also be attending as we honor him for his steadfast defense of the unborn and our religious freedoms. I want Gov. LePage to know pro-lifers in Maine appreciate what he has done as an ally for those of us who are committed to these values. Please make every effort to attend so we have a great crowd to say thank you to our governor.

Information regarding tickets, locations and times can be found at cclmaine.org. Many of our pro-life legislators will also be attending both banquets so you can meet and thank them for their support for our agenda.

Don’t forget: pastors and a guest attend free. If you have any questions about the banquets, don’t hesitate to call my assistant, Chris at 207-622-7634 The deadline for ordering tickets is Thursday, November 2nd.

On October 23rd, the Maine Legislature passed the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Bill. The League fought to attach a moratorium to this bill because our state is not ready to implement the legalization of recreational marijuana and its commercialization. Unfortunately, that attempt failed. The good news is that Gov. LePage will veto this bill, and I believe the House Republicans will hold together to sustain the veto.

If the veto holds, the original referendum bill becomes law on February 1, 2017. I believe the governor was right to veto because the original bill facing the legislature in February should motivate (or force) legislators to pass a much more highly regulated version with a responsible moratorium to give our state the best chance to limit the damage of this horrible decision we made to legalizing pot.

Thanks to all of you who contacted your legislators via our Action Alert regarding the marijuana bill. Please watch our emails and Facebook posts in the days to come so we can exert our influence on this process.

It takes tremendous resources to effectively advocate against the pot lobby, the casino in York County, and the unexpected abortion fight with Question 2. I’m sure you also know our opponents seem to have unlimited financial resources. Your donations and your prayers are what make it possible for us to be in the fight. On some of these issues, the Christian Civic League is the only organized opposition. That is why your financial support is so critical to the cause here in Maine.

Our annual banquets are a key fundraising effort for the League. Please prayerfully consider attending one of these events, and don’t come alone. Invite a like-minded friend to introduce them to the Christian Civic League so they can join us in working together to see Maine become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


Carroll Conley

Executive Director