Town of Sydney’s letter to the Legislative Marijuana Committee

To: Senator Roger Katz and Representative Teresa Pierce, Members of the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee

From: Sidney Board of Selectmen

Date:  August 28, 2017

Subject: The Dan Walker Memo dated 8/4/2017; Re: proposed changes to medical marijuana laws

The Selectmen of Sidney have grave concerns about the concepts embodied in the Walker memo. The memo from Mr. Daniel Walker to Sen Katz and Rep Pierce appears to jeopardize Sidney’s Ordinance banning all retail sales/operations of recreational marijuana, passed at the Town Meeting in March 2017. As we read this memo it would, in fact, nullify our “go dry” ordinance as it relates to recreational marijuana. Can you clarify this for us?

Here are several other questions the Walker Memo raises for which we request answers from you:

1. What would be the impact of the proposed changes in status of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Walker memo on Sidney’s current “go dry” ordinance?

2. Would this establish ‘de facto’ marijuana shops, clubs and manufacturing under the medical marijuana license, and avoid the need for such businesses to contend with Sidney’s “go dry” ordinance?

3. Does the Walker proposal subvert the intent of “local control” regarding municipal marijuana commerce?

4. Who would regulate this commerce if it were transformed from medical marijuana to a multi-dimensional commerce, including recreational marijuana?

  • Local cities and towns, the state?
  • Department of Human Services?
  • Who would have oversight, do inspections, assure product quality, spot check license (and other) violations and prosecute them?
  1. Who would handle law enforcement? Department of Human Services, State Police, Sherriff, local police? No one?6. Does the Maine Marijuana Legalization Committee intend to seek direct opinion data from Administrators and governing bodies of Maine towns and cities about the “Dan Walker” proposal? Or is it up to cities and town to oversee where the committee moves on issues affecting municipal sovereignty?


  1. Is the Maine Municipal Association being briefed by the committee on these issues?   In what form are these relevant opinions being sought – written testimony or opinions, interviews, other?8. Has the Walker memo been circulated to Maine cities and towns for their in-put? Are there any other similar proposals with an impact on municipalities that will go out for evaluation and comment?

We look forward to your response to these questions prior to the announcement of any proposed legislation.


John Whitcomb, Chair; Kelly Couture, Laura Parker, Sandra Tibbitts, Tim Russell

Town of Sidney Selectmen

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