By: Carroll Conley, Executive Director

My wife and I stayed up until 3:30 AM on election night, wanting to fully experience the unexpected results of Donald Trump’s triumph.  I’m sure I’m like a lot of you who came late to the conclusion that voting for Trump was the best chance to stop an open assault upon the unborn and our religious freedom by an unfettered Clinton administration. And, maybe like many of you, I have to admit a bit of carnal pleasure in watching the mainstream media swim from glee to denial to despair as the results became more and more obvious (forgive me, Lord).

I spent the early part of the evening at Bruce Poliquin’s headquarters in Bangor. As I participated in that joyous celebration, I couldn’t help but think of the over 60,000 voter guides that pastors and individuals helped distribute all over Maine. These guides, along with our web-based guides, gave vital information to Maine’s citizens. My mind went back to the pastor/candidate forums we conducted all over the state. I also reflected on the occasional doubt and worry I experienced, wondering if all this work would make a difference.

Well, guess what?! I think it did – – so thanks to all of you who gave and participated once again in a successful Pews to the Polls campaign. A special thanks once again to the pastors who shepherded their flocks and spoke into this campaign from the pulpit and in their private conversations. You were an inspiration to me and to the men and women who courageously ran for public office.

Here are some of the results for which we can thank the Lord:

  • We elected a President who has promised to select pro-life, strict constitutionalist judges who will surround himself with people like Mike Pence.
  • We maintained a pro-life majority in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate remains in control of the party dedicated to life and religious freedom.
  • Maine’s Senate will once again be led by men who are committed to the party’s priorities of life, religious freedom and personal responsibility.
  • While Maine’s House Republicans saw a slight reduction, the vast majority of Christian and conservative legislators returned to office with new legislators who are dedicated believers coming in as well.
  • It appears we have lost the marijuana referendum, but there certainly was no mandate. Pray for the governor as he attempts to find a way to block the implementation of this horrible decision.

I do believe God answered our prayers, but not for our comfort or purposes. We must be stewards of this opportunity to address the spiritual ills that are manifested in our rotting culture. The civic arena is just one circle in which we operate. It seems the Lord has extended the conditions of freedom which are conducive to us lovingly and respectively advocating for God’s truth. Let the healing begin.