Good afternoon. I was very pleased to hear my good friend, Sen. Mike Thibodeau was being honored for his effective service as Maine’s Senate President. The old high school teacher in me did a little research revealing Mike is one of just five senators in the 198-year history of Maine to serve four or more years in that capacity. That is impressive.

As the director of the Christian Civic League, we work hard to recruit and elect legislators to come to Augusta and vote in accordance with the Judeo-Christian ethic. But what we really hope and pray for is more than just “right votes. “ In order to prevail, every cause needs allies who are champions – – and that is just what Mike Thibodeau has been during his public service to the people of Waldo County and Maine.

When it comes to the life issue, religious freedom, or some of the other controversial social issues, Mike Thibodeau has never backed down or cowered. On the contrary, he has effectively leveraged his influence to effectively defend those values. The explanation for that advocacy is quite simple: Mike Thibodeau‘s public service is a natural extension and expression of his faith in and service to his God. And may I say, to his Savior Jesus Christ.

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mike handing out gospel tracks under the dome; neither is his public declaration of faith in any way a claim of perfection. But Mike has committed himself to live his life by faith in accordance to the truth revealed in God‘s word.

He’s not prolife out of political expediency. Mike is prolife because the Bible teaches every human being bares the image of the creator and therefore is worthy of respect, honor, and yes – protection. His staunch defense of liberty and religious freedom is based on his conviction that human rights are not distributed by the state but from the hand of God.

The sacrifices have been great, and some of these battles have been brutal. On the exterior you see this rugged, stoic Mainah, but I hope Mike doesn’t mind me telling you that we’ve shared tears after some of those tough votes. That’s because Sen. Mike Thibodeau has been passionate champion. He’s also been a faithful husband and dad for 30 years, a joyful grampie, a successful businessman, a respected public servant, and a trusted friend.

So yes, indeed, I was honored to be able to publicly and corporately thank my friend, today for all the good he has done and the sacrifices made on behalf of our party and the people here in Maine. Sen. Mike Thibodeau, thank you and congratulations for a job well done.