Voter Guide

The League is happy to provide this voter guide to educate citizens regarding the candidates running for governor.  This voter guide is a 501c3 document and is therefore approved for distribution in churches.  This voter guide can be printed in color or in gray-scale. Click here to download a printable copy. Our voter guide is the product of interviews we had with all the candidates who accepted our invitation to discuss issues like life, religious freedom, and other subjects important to the League’s constituents. The answers to our questions were transcribed during the interviews and sent to the candidates for their approval. The voter guide is interactive, so in addition to seeing the one-word summaries on each issue, expanded comments can be obtained by navigating the cursor. There are two methods to see candidate responses.  First method, click the picture of each candidate to go to their issues page; then click each issue to obtain their expanded comments. Second method, click on any issue to be brought directly to the specific page regarding that candidate’s comments.