Podcast: Charlottesville: The Heresy of Racial Superiority

I’ve been reading a number of reactions regarding Charlottesville hoping to find a statement that clearly repudiates racism from the authority of the Gospel without diluting the condemnation by use of moral equivalency. I believe Dr. Albert Mohler accomplishes this and is right on with this declaration from a recent article:

“A claim of white superiority is not merely wrong, and not merely deadly. It is a denial of the glory of God in creating humanity—every single human being–-in his own image. It is a rejection of God’s glory in creating a humanity of different skin pigmentation. It is a misconstrual of God’s judgment and glory in creating different ethnicities.”

“Most urgently, it is a rejection of the gospel of Christ–the great good news of God’s saving purpose in the atonement accomplished by Christ. A claim of racial superiority denies our common humanity, our common sinfulness, our common salvation through faith in Christ, and God’s purpose to create a common new humanity in Christ.”

“You cannot preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and hold to any notion of racial superiority. It is impossible.”


Carroll Conley, Executive Director