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CCL Welcomes Judge Gorsuch as Pres. Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

On Tuesday evening, members of Maine’s faith community rejoiced as President Donald Trump announced Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nomination to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the passing of legendary Justice Antonin Scalia in February of last year.

Throughout the Republican caucuses and primary elections last winter and spring, Christians across the country had some open questions about President Trump. Specifically, could our community expect the Republican nominee to replace the late Justice Scalia with someone that shares his jurisprudence regarding the life of the unborn.

As many of you remember, last June I joined over 1,000 leaders in the faith community who travelled to New York City for a conversation with then candidate Trump. At this meeting, President Trump promised to protect the interests of faith and family, and went so far as to provide a list of judges from whom he would make his selection to replace Justice Scalia. Tuesday night, our questions and prayers were answered as President Trump followed through on that promise.

Judge Gorsuch’s record consistently demonstrates a deep respect for the Constitution, and he understands that the protections enshrined in our founding charter-including the separation of powers, the right to free exercise of religion, and the Bill of Rights-are the greatest safeguard against government overreach and abuse.

Judge Gorsuch’s opinions consistently protect religious freedom for individuals of all faith traditions. He upheld the rights of Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor in their fights against the government’s efforts to violate their deeply held religious beliefs, just as he applied the same principles to protect the religious rights of minorities including Native Americans.

Pro-life legislators and activists nationwide can have high confidence that as a Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch will not join those who have nullified past efforts to protect the lives of unborn children and other vulnerable humans.

Carroll Conley, Executive Director