2017 Banquets

Have you met someone who lost their job because of their faith?

The Benham Brothers lost their HGTV television program due to their support of Biblical marriage.

Come hear them speak at the Annual Christian Civic League of Maine Bangor Banquet.

The Christian Civic League is happy to announce that Gov. Paul LePage has confirmed that he will be attending our Annual Banquet at East Auburn Baptist Church on November 10. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to recognize what a great ally Governor LePage has been to those of us who believe in the sanctity of human life during his time in the Blaine House,” exclaimed Carroll Conley upon receiving the news of the governor’s confirmation.

In addition to our keynote speaker, Paul Weber, president of Family Policy Alliance, we will be honoring Gov. LePage for his steadfast defense of the the unborn during his administration.

Click here for tickets and information for the Bangor banquet on November 9th.

Click here for tickets and information for the Auburn banquet on November 10th.



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